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Queens Of The Stone Age – Go With The Flow

Queens Of The Stone Age - Go With The Flow This workout song makes me feel confident and it's a good thing, i always need that feeling when i'm doing something important including building muscles. I can always go with the flow... :D

Lesley Rothera in pink with sexy shredded back and traps

Once a shemuscle, always a shemuscle! That is the case for Lesley Rothera a sexy female bodybuilder that has to show us a beautiful sculpted back, incredible sexy glutes in pink underwear and she also has some very imposing traps for a woman... Yesterday, Lesley made the guys from the gym drool only by squatting a little and pumping those hot glutes and thighs! Muscles rock!

The tug toner (shake weight sexual parody)

Remember the article that i wrote a long time ago about that shake weight scam that involved unusual hand movements similar to masturbation? :D Yeah well.. in the mean time other get fit scams appeared on the fake fitness market and this new one that i will show you.. funny but it really gives me the heebie jeebies, it's like gay fitness gear cause in the video of tug toner if you buy one, you'll also get another tug toner for free to stretch out your muscles with a friend and dude believe me...

Alter Bridge – Come To Life

Alter Bridge - Come To Life Once again, one workout song for maximum efficiency in the gym. Don't forget from the previous article: No Pain No Gain! so let your muscles come to life on this song!

Dual role of pain in bodybuilding thus in muscle gaining!

I guess every bodybuilder knows one important motto in bodybuilding regarding the gain of lean muscle mass with or without steroids and that motto is: "No pain, No Gain!". That motto is almost true but not all pain is good pain and it doesn't mean that you have to be addicted to it. Pain is a defense mechanism of the body that prevents injuries but it can be a very powerful tool in bodybuilding if you know how to use it. The key is not to go from good pain to a bad one! What's the differenc...

Lise Thexton in hot black undies

Lise Thexton is quite an exceptional female bodybuilder and her bulging biceps with those washboard abs speak for themselves. Ohh and those exquisite thighs are so sexy being a perfect match for those black undies. Another argument for a short definition of muscle hotness..

Blink 182 – Stay Together For The Kids

Blink 182 - Stay Together For The Kids Yep this workout song has a family message but it's so intense and i'd love to hear it in the gym. It seems powerful, inspiring and it gives me a lot of confidence. It's definitely a must have on your ipod! Happy training!

Muscle legends in the hospital: Arnold with Sylvester photo

So these two bodybuilding and movie legends, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone got into some serious shoulder surgeries after doing their own stunts for the movie The expendables 2. I know you still think that your bones are as tuff as in your 30s, but guys.. start taking care of yourselves cause you're getting old! Brilliant photo though, i can still see the shadows of their awesome muscles from those youth days :D

Funny workout fail on the treadmill

Even if this is a cartoon, i laughed when i saw the funny polar bear that was trying to get in shape by running on a treadmill, a diabolical treadmill :D in fact. That goofy polar bear got hurt using it but he still managed to destroy that evil treadmill from the gym haha!

Protein crepe recipe with acai berry antioxidants

Recipe for today: Protein crepe recipe with acai berry antioxidants Because of the acai berry's big amount of antioxidants your health will surely be improved. Ingredients for this acai berry protein crepe recipe 1 scoop filled with vanilla protein powder for big muscles 2 tablespoons with melted fat free cream cheese 3 egg whites 1-3 drops of Stevia one quarter of a cup with acai berry pulp one half of a cup with sliced strawberries 1 tablespoon with slivered almonds How ...