Dual role of pain in bodybuilding thus in muscle gaining!


dedication using pain in bodybuildingI guess every bodybuilder knows one important motto in bodybuilding regarding the gain of lean muscle mass with or without steroids and that motto is: “No pain, No Gain!“.

That motto is almost true but not all pain is good pain and it doesn’t mean that you have to be addicted to it.

Pain is a defense mechanism of the body that prevents injuries but it can be a very powerful tool in bodybuilding if you know how to use it. The key is not to go from good pain to a bad one!

What’s the difference between good pain and bad pain in bodybuilding?

Bad pain in bodybuilding
I can’t say too many things about the bad pain besides the obvious fact that bad pain gives you a powerful, sharp, excruciating sensation. In a bodybuilder’s case, this pain means injury– muscle tear or strain.

This is a pain that you shouldn’t work with and if you feel it, then you should stop and resolve the problem immediately before continuing your training.

Good pain in bodybuilding
In school i’ve learned about the term “oxymoron” and a good pain in bodybuilding is exactly that. In a healthy and safe bodybuilding, pain has a bad image but think of some better synonyms like muscle soreness or inflammation (necessary component for muscle growth).

  • good pain and bad pain in bodybuildingMuscle inflammation is a natural response to training. During weight lifting you get microscopic tears in the muscle tissue. When you eat and rest your muscles are getting repaired and they become more powerful.

  • Muscle soreness felt during training is the result of lactic acid accumulated inside the muscles, muscles that need oxygen and nutrients. If you’re a beginner or if you’re not used with the routine, adapt gradually!

Pain Zone for Bodybuilders
Bad Pain

  • usually fast, sharp pain getting worse under pressure or force
  • associated most of the times with inflammation
  • usually indicates an injury
  • typical for connective tissue and joints

Good Pain

  • related to muscle soreness
  • from a bodybuilder’s point of view it’s limited to muscle pain
  • it denotes that your muscles are properly trained and fatigued
  • it means muscle exhaustion
  • it helps you gain more lean muscle mass

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5 Responses to “Dual role of pain in bodybuilding thus in muscle gaining!”

  • jimmy muller says:

    this approach on the negative and positive parts of pain in bodybuilding is quite interesting, thanks ! jimmy

  • Andrew G. says:

    why the heck would someone love pain? the gym has its part with sadomasochism because of that pain and all 😀

  • Tina Bruce says:

    i always thought that a good muscle sore will build bigger muscles, it’s a fact!!!!

  • Jack Marley says:

    i love pain, pain makes me feel stronger. You know the saying: what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger

  • Jack Lalane fan says:

    give me all the pain you can, bring it on, I JUST WANT TO GROW BIGGER AND BIGGER

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