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Foo Fighters – Have A Cigar

Foo Fighters - Have A Cigar F$%#@k yeah, this is one hell of a workout song from Foo Fighters but Taylor Hawkins the drummer is singing, not Dave Grohl! I really found some good songs for workout in the gym to build bricks of muscle mass!!

Sarah Wernert, fitness figure modelling for Mcdonald’s !?

Haha, so Sarah Wernert wears this funny Mcdonald's t-shirt and now she's Mcdonald's sexy image for free :D.It's weird how a female fitness figure promotes unhealthy food (junk food) when she's on a strict diet to get that body, omg this is an OXYMORON cause you can't get a ripped body with strong muscles without healthy food!!! Finally i've got the chance to say that word. Still, she's lovin' it in Mcdonald's style!!! If only all the women could get that hot body by eating at Mcdonald's :). Ripp...