The tug toner (shake weight sexual parody)


Remember the article that i wrote a long time ago about that shake weight scam that involved unusual hand movements similar to masturbation? 😀

Yeah well.. in the mean time other get fit scams appeared on the fake fitness market and this new one that i will show you.. funny but it really gives me the heebie jeebies, it’s like gay fitness gear cause in the video of tug toner if you buy one, you’ll also get another tug toner for free to stretch out your muscles with a friend and dude believe me, you wouldn’t want to do that 🙂 .

I really want to think that this is just a sexual fake fitness parody for that shake weight crap equipment. Check out the NEW Free Flexor that has two balls, one in each end of a rubber thing and The Tug Toner but first look at the old Shake Weight Fake Fitness Product here

Quote from a friend of mine:

Funny looking sexual suggestive workout equipment for fat people that like to embarrass themselves thinking it will help them get the desired miracle workout.

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4 Responses to “The tug toner (shake weight sexual parody)”

  • Fat Bloke says:

    Omg this is hilarious =)) how the hell can i grow muscles with a tug toner “build strength you will get ripped” “dynamic resistance technology”

  • Lee Priest In bodybuilding says:

    this is quite an awesome muscle parody with these shake weight, free flexor and tug toner workout equipment 😀 funny

  • Allain Sports says:

    gay things for gay people that won’t admit they’re gay :)) how could someone be that dumb to believe in those miracle muscle growers

  • Cristoph Meleie says:

    these are some serious problems, they think people are dumb but in a way they’re right and they make money out of dumb people that want to get muscles

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