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Scoop of greek yogurt with apple and a dash of flaxseeds for breakfast

Recipe for today: Scoop of greek yogurt with apple and a dash of flaxseeds You can try eating your mid-afternoon snack at breakfast to ensure high energy levels and a good amount of protein and calcium as this greek yogurt with apple and flaxseeds recipe can give you. The recipe also contains healthy omega fats and fibers from the flaxseeds and apple so you're good to go to work out at a gym in the morning for some serious muscle gaining :D. Ingredients for Greek yogurt with apple and a da...

Foo Fighters – The Pretender

Foo Fighters - The Pretender Gain huge strength by having your own list of best songs for workout on which you can train with the proper intensity in order to build muscle mass or to get shredded/ripped!

Jen Cowan shows V shaped abs in some sexy small and tight panties

As a beautiful female fitness figure that she is, Jen Cowan can make everybody love bodybuilding or at least having an active life. Starting with Jen's hot and tight glutes and continuing with her well sculpted strong thighs we can stop and admire her darn ripped abs and that v shape that can reveal even more hotness if those panties were a little bit more down than usual. Isn't she the perfect fitness model?

Mr. Olympia jury overlooked Arnold Schwarzenegger’s not so hidden imperfection

The Austrian Oak seemed to have a perfect body and Arnold Schwarzenegger with that perfect body did win 7 Mr. Olympia titles. Yeap, but Arnold had one imperfection that the Mr. Olympia jury didn't penalize and the weakness was his 4 pack abs instead of a 6 pack. I know you haven't realized that till now (at least some of you haven't) but there's no problem because Arnold Schwarzenegger's defect  wasn't a drawback for him, it was just an insignificant genetic muscle flaw ! I still hope someday, ...

Beef noodle soup for a complete protein and veggies meal

Recipe for today: Beef noodle soup Hey, you need some soup too besides those liquid free meals that you always cook! Remember that if you cook your meat too much, a lot of proteins get destroyed so you should try eating some soup once in a while (the beef in this case is boiled and its proteins and veggies are purer or how can i explain better.. anyway you've got the point). Ingredients for Beef noodle soup: 1 lb lean ground beef for those proteins that'll grow huge muscles without ste...

Mona – Lean Into The Fall

Mona - Lean Into The FallIf you're going to the gym then you'll need an entrance song like this one. Don't forget the positive impact that a workout song can give you when you're in a need for a boost!

Henry Cavill’s Theseus workout and diet plan for Immortals

After watching Immortals i've told myself to write a little bit about Henry Cavill's workout and diet that made him look like the great mythological Theseus, a mortal warrior that was chosen by Zeus to lead a fight against Hyperion (Mickey Rourke) who wanted to release the titans for another battle against the gods.See Henry Cavill's workout and diet for Man of SteelYeah that's interesting enough but if you've seen the statues from ancient Rome or Greece that withstood at the passing of time y...

Cristina Vujnich’s ripped body as a fitness figure

As a shemuscle she's astonishing and Cristina's abs look hard as a rock but let's focus on those ripped veins popping out of the muscles that give you a feeling of a healthy sexy fitness figure that's hot in the bedroom too. Cristina Vujnich is like a little workout beast from the gym but a female version of it :D !

Bullet For My Valentine – Hearts Burst Into Fire

Bullet For My Valentine - Hearts Burst Into Fire I'm in a good mood today and i'll train hard! I'll squat till i drop listening to this workout song from bullet for my valentine :D. OMG my ipod's almost full of songs for workout!

Advices on water consumption in bodybuilding

Here are some important advices regarding to the required amount of water consumption in bodybuilding: don't underestimate the quantity of liquids lost from your body through sweat; Each liter of fluid lost has to be completed by drinking at least 4 glasses of water. During one hour of training in the gym as a bodybuilder you can lose even 2 liters of water from your body interesting tip or advice here if you want to know precisely your level of dehydration, you can always weigh yourself...