Advices on water consumption in bodybuilding


advices on water consumption in bodybuildingHere are some important advices regarding to the required amount of water consumption in bodybuilding:

  • don’t underestimate the quantity of liquids lost from your body through sweat; Each liter of fluid lost has to be completed by drinking at least 4 glasses of water. During one hour of training in the gym as a bodybuilder you can lose even 2 liters of water from your body
  • interesting tip or advice here if you want to know precisely your level of dehydration, you can always weigh yourself before training and after you’ve finished
  • as a bodybuilder, you should drink even more water when you’re training your muscles
  • avoid the thirst sensation! A thirst sensation is a signal that succeeds the installing of dehydration in muscles

  • drink water during the day!!!
  • don’t replace water with caffeinated soft drinks, tea or coffee
  • bodybuilders should drink 3-4 liters of water daily
  • if you’re lifting weights outdoors or just jogging you have to drink more water than usual
  • always start your daily program with a glass of water
  • another tip worth listening to can be the fact that you can see if your muscles are properly hydrated when you’re urinating a lot and the urine’s colour is bright. If it has a strong smell and dark colour then this is a signal for you to drink more fluids.Always remember that your body is 60 percent water and your muscle building career requires a lot of hydration!
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2 Responses to “Advices on water consumption in bodybuilding”

  • Damon L. says:

    i sure am feeling better after drinking more water, even my energy levels rise after drinking 2 glasses of water

  • Tom Robinson says:

    i always drink water before and after my meals and even durin the workouts, i hope it will help my muscles stay hydrated

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