Mr. Olympia jury overlooked Arnold Schwarzenegger’s not so hidden imperfection


The Austrian Oak seemed to have a perfect body and Arnold Schwarzenegger with that perfect body did win 7 Mr. Olympia titles. Yeap, but Arnold had one imperfection that the Mr. Olympia jury didn’t penalize and the weakness was his 4 pack abs instead of a 6 pack.

I know you haven’t realized that till now (at least some of you haven’t) but there’s no problem because Arnold Schwarzenegger’s defect  wasn’t a drawback for him, it was just an insignificant genetic muscle flaw ! I still hope someday, i’ll be half of a bodybuilder that he was in his prime!! 😀

arnold's imperfection Mr. Olympia jury overlook

What do you think about Arnold’s imperfection? Bodybuilding is all about symmetry but somehow the jury did not care about Schwarzenegger’s defect!

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One Response to “Mr. Olympia jury overlooked Arnold Schwarzenegger’s not so hidden imperfection”

  • Ben says:

    If you know about the anatomy of the abdominal muscles, you will realise that everyone has a different makeup, and in the case of Arnold he would only ever have a 4 pack.. some people will have a 6 pack, others an 8 depends on how the persons anatomy, that will determine how much of the abdominal actually show.. Arnold actually touches on this very point in one of his books..ab structure is genetic, meaning not all people can have an eight pack. Even those with genetic abdominal division that allows for an eight pack have to work hard to bring out those last two abs, lower abs are very difficult to bring out and require for you to be at a very low bodyfat because in order to reveal them you need to get rid of that stubborn lower abdominal fat that most people struggle to burn off.
    Cheers buddy

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