Alistair Cees Overeem’s workout and diet plan bust the steroid usage myth


alistair overeem's workout and diet  Alistair Cees Overeem may look like a natural born bodybuilder that also has the skills and talent to beat everyone up in his kickboxing and mixed martial arts style but he wasn’t that big until 2008.

There have been lots of rumours regarding to Alistair Overeem’s steroid use because of that quick transition from a lean mma fighter to a huge animal looking bodybuilder that can crush skulls but first of all here is a video where Alistair Overeem tells the reporter for certainty that he didn’t use steroids to gain that huge muscle mass and that he is bothered about these false allegations about the way that he obtained the outstanding bodybuilder physique. It was only pure training, a good diet plan (no crap food) and a lot of sleep.

Alistair Overeem’s hardcore mma or k1 workout:

Do you know how he managed to be the only fighter in combat sports to hold a world title in both MMA and K1 kickboxing at the same time?! Well with determination, hardcore training, diet and of course.. money for the last two things 😀 but NOT steroids!

So Alistair Overeem added almost 50 lbs of lean muscle mass and still maintained his speed, agility and flexibility required to have a chance against freaks like Brock Lesnar.

People acused him of steroid use since he was 17 years old, it’s just a genetic thing and he thanks his parents and God for this gift.

Alistair Overeem’s workout is extreme and it’s mainly a combination of:

  • strongman exercises (they require you to lift and move heavy and irregular shaped objects which can give you more functional strength gains not like in the gym where you’re static)
  • speed and agility training
  • plyometrics
  • intense hill sprints
  • chin ups
  • push ups (see it’s all about basics but in combination with strongman exercises and others you can get to look like Alistair Overeem)
  • neck harness (every boxer, k1 fighter, mma fighter has to have a strong neck)

Combination of Strongman exercises (deadlift with 250 kg)with some small plyometric jumps on the stairs and moving an Atlas ball done by Alistair Overeem in his workout routine that helps strengthening and building the lower back muscles and legs:

Strongman exercise farmer’s walk done by Alistair Overeem with 160 kg in his training regimen:

Alistair Overeem’s height is 6′ 5″ and it’s quite hard to get to look like a bodybuilder when you’re that tall but as i’ve told you earlier in this article, Alistair was helped by his genetics and of course, by his diet plan that had a lot of food and i mean a lot!

Strongman exercise (full motion deadlift with 300 kg) done by Alistair without steroids:

Alistair Overeem’s diet plan for that ultimate fighter look:

So if you want to look like Alistair Overeem besides that workout, you also have to eat eat eat and sleep! So that eating is about 6-7 times a day and it has foods like:

  • beef
  • horse meat
  • fish
  • potatoes
  • yogurt or greek yogurt
  • nuts

Alistair Overeem eats 4 big meals and the other 2-3 meals are smaller in order to get those big muscles, keep a good body fat and a fast metabolism. Alistair is eating so often that he doesn’t have time for anything else other than training and sleeping so why would he need steroids to grow that big?

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10 Responses to “Alistair Cees Overeem’s workout and diet plan bust the steroid usage myth”

  • Fernandez Morelli says:

    i wish i would look like alistair and fight like him!!!!!! everybody would be afraid.

  • Ginger Pinger Finger says:

    who the f word cares about steroids when you see that huge guy that knows to kick ass

  • Kids love Alistair says:

    my kids adore alistair overeem especially because of his huge frame packed with muscles with or without steroids, it’s his problem not mine!

  • Jack Lobby says:

    Hey this is an awesome video with Alistair Overeem training in thailand using high intensity training method

  • Overeem freak of nature says:

    if alistair punches a regular person i guess he’ll be dead by the time an ambulance shows up lol

  • I am now not positive the place you are getting your information, however good topic about alistair overeem’s training. I saw him once eating tons of sushi in japan, it was funny

  • Jack Saq says:

    still, alistair had treatment with TRT but maybe without knowing the steroid effects of it.. i don t think that reem is that stupid to take steroids when he is knowing that random steroid testing is applied

  • Mark says:

    how could people acuse him of steroids since he was 17 when he was thin built at that time?

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