How do you find a boyfriend being a female bodybuilder


how do you find a boyfriend being a female bodybuilder

First of all, these days while browsing for some information i’ve came across an article on a gossip site where, a known female bodybuilder named Rene Campbell said that she can’t find a boyfriend because of her bodybuilder physique and that is wrong!!

Hopefully you’re thinking: “How can i get a boyfriend being a female bodybuilder?” and not: “Yeah yeah just find me a boyfriend!”

First of all let me ask you something:

  • Are you a female bodybuilder that’s sad because of the fact that you can’t find a boyfriend?
  • Do you think that your physique intimidates men and most of them find you unattractive?
  • Do you think that men are afraid of female muscles and that’s why they don’t start a conversation with you?

How to get a boyfriend being a female bodybuilder

If you’ve answered with yes at least to one of my questions than you should read this asap!

Think as a normal woman.. plain women have the same problem as you in finding a boyfriend and that is because of two reasons:

  • we men are fewer than women according to a population survey
  • some men are actually scum 😀

Maybe you can’t find a boyfriend because you are too dedicated to bodybuilding and we all know that it takes a lot of time to gain pure muscle mass and achieve a perfect physique for competing in bodybuilding competitions. One tip would be to try a small flirt with guys from the gym if you’re always there but this isn’t a magic recipe to find a boyfriend!

how can i get a boyfriendThinking, thinking.. oohh yeah, your physique doesn’t intimidate men, be serious! Maybe some men are afraid of another thing; Bodybuilding is closely related to narcissism and that can make men think that you wouldn’t look at them if they aren’t that athletic and good looking. As a fact, in this world there are different types of men with different fetishes, for example some men love fat women and that seems wrong but it isn’t, it’s their choice.

In your case there are a lot of men that love female bodybuilders (shemuscles or females with muscles) and you can find a lot of them by internet but be a little picky ’cause some of them are creeps. There are even special groups on yahoo with men that look for bodybuilder girlfriends :D.

Come on, after reading this article do you still think that it’s hard to find a boyfriend being a female bodybuilder?

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4 Responses to “How do you find a boyfriend being a female bodybuilder”

  • Melinda Polansky says:

    i’ve solved my problem as a feminine presence in bodybuilding with boyfriends.. i met a special guy at the restaurant where i usually eat.. i’m about 177 lbs and i`m quite big but he is too. I really like this article!

  • Lisa P. says:

    This will help me get a boyfriend for sure but i’m not that big as Rene Campbell though..

  • Peter Magnus says:

    maybe some of the women bodybuilders search for Bradley Cooper or Tom Cruise look a like and maybe these guys aren’t into muscles so they can’t find a boyfriend

  • Jenny Marshall says:

    i will get a boyfriend that will love my muscles!!!

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