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Astrid Mcquire celebrity fitness trainer sexy pose

This fitness model shows us her toned body with oily sexy legs and shredded washboard abs while doing pull ups. If you didn't know untill now, Astrid Mcquire is a celebrity trainer and lots of known female icons or sex symbols like Christina Applegate (Kelly Bundy from Married With Children) or Kim Kardashian turned to her fitness techniques to look hot and lose excess fat!

Lostprophets – Bring ‘Em Down

Lostprophets - Bring 'Em Down Songs for workout are full of life and this video has some pure action in it even from the start with those punches given to the lead singer, Ian Watkins. Hey, check it out, the video is filled with people that clearly train in the gym so muscles are everywhere these days!

Alistair Cees Overeem’s workout and diet plan bust the steroid usage myth

  Alistair Cees Overeem may look like a natural born bodybuilder that also has the skills and talent to beat everyone up in his kickboxing and mixed martial arts style but he wasn't that big until 2008. There have been lots of rumours regarding to Alistair Overeem's steroid use because of that quick transition from a lean mma fighter to a huge animal looking bodybuilder that can crush skulls but first of all here is a video where Alistair Overeem tells the reporter for certainty that he didn't ...