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The best Will Ferrell shape ever!

For Will Ferrell's fans here is a funny tricked photo with the beast Will Ferrell in the gym while working out his traps with two huge dumbbells :D. This really is the best Will Ferrell shape for a humorous movie that also has brawn!

Effective exercise for the obliques

One of the best ab exercises for men that you know since you were a child is doing crunches. Yes, simple crunches are from the category of easy ab exercises, but did you know the fact that besides the proper technique to do crunches you must also know the speed that you should use when doing this effective exercise if you want an all in one exercise that combines all the ab parts?! Crunches are a good exercise for the obliques too but only if you know the speed that you should use when doing...

Three Days Grace – I Hate Everything About You

Three Days Grace - I Hate Everything About You One of the songs for workout that i use is making me hate everything when i'm at the gym pumping iron and it's a good feeling! Think of hate in a positive way that will help your training, hate can be like a burst of strength in some cases :D.

Heidi Vuorela showing biceps, shredded shoulders and abs

Looking at this female bodybuilder we can easily see the fact that all she knows is bodybuilding! Heidi Vuorela's blondness is an exotic combination with those ripped shoulders, bulging biceps, perfect abs and awesome thighs. Nice forearm tattoo and belly pierce too :D !

Bodybuilders should stay away from japanese fast food or Mcdonalds!

Check out this viral video that gives you second thoughts about fast food. If you're a bodybuilder and you got your cheat day as everyone, try not to go to a japanese fast food or even to a Mcdonalds fast food 'cause it seems kind of risky.. Unhealthy instant japanese fast food made out of powder and water video Have you ever wondered why Mcdonalds fries are so long and crispy? Because the potato from which the Mcdonalds fries are made should be a mutated huge one :D . So muscles can't gro...

Healthy berry cheesecake for bodybuilders that need proteins

Recipe for today: Healthy berry cheesecake full of protein for bodybuilders Our sweet tooth makes us go nuts for a particularly kind of candy bar or cake and if you're mad about berry cheesecakes then you're in the right spot :D because this recipe has a great deal of proteins for building big and strong muscles. Ingredients for a healthy berry cheesecake 2 cups with low fat cottage cheese 2 eggs one half of a cup with low fat sour cream one half of a cup with strawberry protein ...

How old to lift weights?

Untill what age should you lift weights in order to keep a healthy body with toned muscles that will stir envy from the people around you?Don't panic, even if you're getting older and older you should know that this is "how old to lift weights" should look like! :D

Black Wire – Very Gun (in high quality)

Black Wire - Very Gun (in high quality) There are a lot of songs for workout on youtube but you just have to know how to find them. Enjoy this british song that's made only for one purpose: TO GROW YOUR MUSCLES ON IT!

Andreia Brazier’s statuesque sculpted abs beneath an awesome tan

I think everybody likes a female presence in the gym that rises the blood pressure if you understand what i mean :D. It's a good cardio and it improves the blood flow to the muscles. Andreia Brazier's washboard abs look absolutely stunning, her thighs seem to be sculpted and the incredible sexy tan makes her look like an amazon princess :D

Carrot and oatmeal delicious bodybuilding smoothie recipe

Recipe for today: Carrot and oatmeal delicious bodybuilding smoothie If you really need a very fast and full of nutrients breakfast then you should really try this delicious bodybuilding recipe, it's so easy to makeee!!! Ingredients for carrot and oatmeal smoothie: 1 scoop with vanilla whey protein for huge protein intake a quarter cup of oats (any kind of oats) for fibers and carbs 2 tablespoons of fat free cream cheese (again protein and carbs) one half of a tablespoon with cin...