Bodybuilders should stay away from japanese fast food or Mcdonalds!


Check out this viral video that gives you second thoughts about fast food. If you’re a bodybuilder and you got your cheat day as everyone, try not to go to a japanese fast food or even to a Mcdonalds fast food ’cause it seems kind of risky..

Unhealthy instant japanese fast food made out of powder and water video

Have you ever wondered why Mcdonalds fries are so long and crispy?

Because the potato from which the Mcdonalds fries are made should be a mutated huge one 😀 . So muscles can’t grow or get carbs from burgers and french fries that are made out of powder, that’s really junk food with an emphasis on junk!

It seems very unhealthy to eat instant fast food from powder, i mean even the soda and ketchup are made out of powder and water. Be careful and avoid Mcdonalds or japanese fast food if you want to be healthy and keep your lean muscle mass.

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One Response to “Bodybuilders should stay away from japanese fast food or Mcdonalds!”

  • John Mackintire says:

    i didn’t know till now about the paste for fries made out of powder or the hamburger, i can’t believe the fact that i ate something like that. From now on i’ll buy my own meat, cheese and bread!

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