Effective exercise for the obliques


best ab exercises for men

One of the best ab exercises for men that you know since you were a child is doing crunches.

Yes, simple crunches are from the category of easy ab exercises, but did you know the fact that besides the proper technique to do crunches you must also know the speed that you should use when doing this effective exercise if you want an all in one exercise that combines all the ab parts?!

Crunches are a good exercise for the obliques too but only if you know the speed that you should use when doing crunches to make it one of the best ab exercises for men. So in our case, Spain did a research about the optimum speed for doing crunches by testing the muscle activity from abs:

  • rectus abdominis
  • external obliques
  • internal obliques
  • spinal erectors

That ab research didn’t involve finding easy ab exercises but it did help to find that effective exercise, exercise that will target all the ab parts.

If you want an exercise for the obliques then crunches are a good solution but only if you have a increased rep speed when doing them because the research tested the crunches on subjects that did reps in 4 seconds, 2 seconds, 1,5 seconds, 1 second or as fast as they could! The result for crunches, one of the best ab exercises for men had shown that a fast rep speed will involve more muscle fibers from all the ab parts making it an effective exercise for the obliques.

If we analyze, this is also a good way to cheat by using momentum when doing abs so try training abs twice a week, once by doing slow reps and the other time by using an increased rep speed, oh and try some dumbbell side bends too.

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One Response to “Effective exercise for the obliques”

  • Jim Dove says:

    i included this effective exercise for the obliques since i was young but i didn’t had results, maybe because i eat unhealthy food

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