How to become stronger most important advice


how to become stronger

Bodybuilding is like the Forex stock market and it has its ups and downs even if you don’t want that and it is advisable to be very careful when you decide to do something that may affect your ability to become stronger.

I’m curious, didn’t you ever find yourself at the gym in an incapacity of lifting usual weights that you’ve been used to? If the answer is yes, do you know what went wrong with you in your path to become stronger?

It’s pathetic to find out that dehydration led to that strength loss and low morale in the gym but that’s the truth in some cases. The most important advice besides sleeping and eating a lot of healthy food that’s rich in protein, vitamins, carbs and etc. is to drink MORE WATER! Keep yourself hydrated because this is how an individual can become stronger in the gym.

How did i get to this conclusion about the way to become stronger?

There were conducted several clinical tests regarding to hydration and its importance in bodybuilding for health, for keeping full muscles but the most interesting one was about the way in which hydration helps a bodybuilder become stronger.

About the experiments on water consumption:

  • Chicago State University tested the strength of subjects when they were normally hydrated and when they were dehydrated as well.
  • Storrs University from Connecticut compared the number of reps that men did during some sets of squats when they were either normally hydrated or dehydrated.

Guess what?!!

In your search to find a way to become stronger here’s what you get regarding to the results of the experiments:

  • the leaner you get as a bodybuilder bloke and you don’t drink enough water to stay hydrated, the more strength you lose (the dehydrated group reported between 10% and 20% strength loss) but my most important advice for you isn’t to get fat, only drink water 😀
  • become stronger by drinking more water because you can’t become stronger if the number of reps at the dehydrated squat experiment group were fewer than the ones from the hydrated group


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One Response to “How to become stronger most important advice”

  • Weight lifter Jr. says:

    i also can’t lift my usual weight at the bench press so hello more water and goodbye fat!

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