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Incubus – Look Alive

Incubus - Look Alive Still with the incubus songs? Well yeah, cause the band really does great songs for workout and you can benefit from them when you're training in that old forgotten gym from the edge of the town :D .

Maria Luisa Baeza Diaz’s ripped body is awesome!

Maria Luisa Baeza Diaz has one tiny body fat level and she is so perfectly sculpted from head to toe. The sexy tan shows even more muscle perfection on Maria Luisa and you can agree with me on the fact that she diets to the max to get to look like that! Lovely high heels too :D

Mark Wahlberg’s workout gave him a manly look and Rhea

Mark Wahlberg has his own good looks even if he's 41 years old but to compensate his height 5'8" (1.73 m) he started to hit the gym and the results are quite visible, Mark is now a big guy that has an imposing arm size, huge calves and wide shoulders. Besides the physical attractiveness due to lifting weights, Mark Wahlberg has that sexy wife Rhea Durham and movies with Mark Wahlberg are better with him in his best shape possible for example the movie Contraband.. there, Mark had a great role...

Incubus – Anna Molly

Incubus - Anna MollyFrom all my songs for workout this one is quite good with strong lyrics. There is a light, there is a fire that will make you get on track with your future bodybuilder career, be confident!

Meriza Deguzman’s stunning tanned beach body

Meriza Deguzman trained in gymnastics from the age of 6 until high school and later she started weightlifting. Now she's a sexy Olympian IFBB pro figure, physique specialist and fitness consultant.Meriza Deguzman followed the american dream and she's happy.. Will you pursue your dream?

Flo Rida’s muscle workout and diet plan! Photos inside

I was listening to Flo Rida's song "good feeling" and i was thinking: C'mmon let's see that Flo Rida guy and i went to my youtube account where i searched for the video. As expected Flo Rida showed his muscles a lot during the video while working out and jogging but what can i say.. Flo Rida is one ugly bodybuilder at 6'3", 210 pounds and that's my final opinion! Sure, he has muscle mass but he also has skinny legs and one ugly physique overall including that right ear defect ohh and i think ...

Foo Fighters – No Way Back

Foo Fighters - No Way Back Try to upload this song on your mp3 player quickly before leaving because you will adore it in the gym. I hope you enjoy these songs for workout even if they're not that hard to find!

Channing Tatum photos stripping and showing his beach body

This article will be a hit through the girls because nowadays Channing Tatum works out so hard to be in his best shape especially for his latest movie Magic Mike where he plays the role of a male stripper along with other known actors like Alex Pettyfer, Matt Bomer, Matthew McConaughey, Joe Manganiello, and Adam Rodriguez. So the movie will be filled with testosterone, muscles, ripped abs and Channing Tatum showing off his beach body on which he trained so hard. Girls try not to stay all day ...

Box squatting your way to get big legs

If you want to get powerful legs and also learn the proper squat technique then you should try some of that box squatting that will make you limp for a day or two. What? Isn't it worth it when you admire yourself in the mirror and see that you have a perfect symmetric body without the use of steroids :D ? First of all, what is a box squat? When you're box squatting the single principle of it is to use a box or bench by placing them behind you. So box squatting is like when you're doing ...

Game – Shake “Official Music Video Full HD”

Game - Shake "Official Music Video Full HD" Songs for workout are essential for your good mood and you must put your favorite tracks on your mp3 player for better results in the gym! Shake some muscles on this full of rhythm song from The Game :D!!