Box squatting your way to get big legs


box squatting a way to get big legs

If you want to get powerful legs and also learn the proper squat technique then you should try some of that box squatting that will make you limp for a day or two.

What? Isn’t it worth it when you admire yourself in the mirror and see that you have a perfect symmetric body without the use of steroids 😀 ?

First of all, what is a box squat?

When you’re box squatting the single principle of it is to use a box or bench by placing them behind you. So box squatting is like when you’re doing regular squats but with something to “sit on” and it’s better because people usually tend to squat down rather than back making the movement with their knees rather than their hips for full leg strength.

When you sit on it, it allows your quads to be parallel with the floor so a perfect 90 degree angle is formed by your legs. Do not sit down all the way when box squatting because this can place a lot of stress on your spine due to the weight you are holding on your shoulders.

Video tutorial on how to box squat

Oh and yeah, box squatting automatically improves your normal squat technique and makes your legs stronger because you can put bigger weights so it’s a win win situation! Try some box squats now!

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One Response to “Box squatting your way to get big legs”

  • Alex B. says:

    it really kills my hamstrings for a couple of days so i recommend it too!

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