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Juliana Malacarne is a true shemuscle!

Shemuscle definition is a thing of the past! Check out the bulging muscles on Juliana Malacarne, an italian ifbb pro figure that was born in Brazil. Take a look at those mirror muscles, you can see the fact that Juliana really has a female bodybuilder physique with which she can brag about :D .

Dynamo Magician: Bench press this!

I guess you've seen at least once some Dynamo magic from the tv show Magician Impossible, where Dynamo astounds everyone that he meets with, starting with international football players to Hollywood actors. Everything Dynamo does is illusionism mumbo jumbo and i really don't care but how the hell did Dynamo bench press 155 kg?! Sure, the other guy that lifted those weights was big and it showed that he had some brawn and he started with a 140 kg bench press where he did one rep. After that, ...

Kanye West – POWER

Kanye West - POWER Some people have rock songs for workout but you can try with rap or R&B too just like this song from Kanye West. No man should have that power, a bodybuilder power, the clock's tickin', i just count the hours till i go to the gym and gain power!!! :D