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Fractured arm in powerlifting video accident! Did steroids do that?

Well this video accident with Otto Selin's fractured arm has gone viral after it was broadcasted on a tv station and it really is a painful fracture for a powerlifter but let's see what could've triggered an arm fracture like that besides the huge weight that he was bench pressing (320 kg). My first guess regarding to this fractured arm in the powerlifting accident is steroid use! Yes, steroid use is so common amongst powerlifters, weightlifters and bodybuilders but steroids have their limit ev...

Getting ripped – motivational bodybuilder photos

Many of you want to know the getting ripped secret and maybe you will find it but, until then, you can try making your own big gallery with bodybuilder photos but not with ordinary bodybuilders, try using for starters some of these motivational ripped bodybuilder photos which will do their job for a long time. You'll get tired looking at these bodybuilder photos on your computer at one point but you can continue your motivational journey of getting ripped by printing some of them and sticking...

Are you fat and ugly? Read me now!

This is a very simple question regarding to people and their image about themselves. Are you fat and ugly? If the answer is yes.. Why don't you try changing something about this situation? Something like... going to the gym! Stop being fat and ugly and go to the gym, you can always have your ugliness, why being fat and risking having no social life at all? You see, the gym can be a confidence booster for fat and ugly people. I'm thinking of a good example for you to understand it better.. s...

Maroon 5 – Hands All Over

Maroon 5 - Hands All Over Put your hands all over these songs for workout and on those dumbbells from the dumbbell rack. Grow big muscles and start enjoying life as the big fellow from the neighbourhood gym. Maroon 5 sure made a great tune for us to enjoy while in the gym so you can't say you're bored because this song will make you feel alive :D

Simone de Oliveira working out her huge shoulders

Shemuscle or not, Simone de Oliveira has some real big muscles as a true female bodybuilder that she is and you can see that from the typical bodybuilding photo of Simone working out her huge shoulders with man like intensity and why not.. she can arm wrestle each one of us and make us seem wimps :D. I wonder what's her max bench press because that's how we gym men compare our strength :).

How do you get big muscles by looking in the mirror? The answer is here!

Some people complain about their small muscle gain and they're always wondering: How can i get big muscles? Well, you can get big muscles by looking in the mirror, yes that's true! Gold's gym was opened in 1965 in Venice Beach, California and it had a lot of bodybuilding champions like: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Dave Draper, Lou Ferrigno, Franco Columbu, Mike Katz, Ed Corney, Frank Zane and much more but do you know what was their impulse to get big muscles? Well those mirror walls with large mi...

Blink 182 – Fighting the Gravity

Blink 182 - Fighting the Gravity Looking for some good songs for workout? Well look no further cause you're in the right place, the place where you can get inspiration and lots of motivational articles to build strong muscles and a perfect body. You can do better, throw away that idea that's rotting in your brain, don't be that ordinary person who repeatedly settles for society's expectations, you should always fight fighting the gravity, do better and grow bigger muscles!

Old bodybuilder – Then and now picture

Now i guess that some of you got tired of working out and waiting to get bodybuilding results but you must look at a then and now picture with this bodybuilder. Some bodybuilders peak in their mid 30's but look at this old bodybuilder that looks even better after the passing of the time, time in which you can overcome a plateau or even strike gold with a bodybuilding career but only if you're dedicated like this man was and that then and now picture of the old bodybuilder speaks for itself. ...

Former Chippendales Lind Walter was abused by woman boss?!

Yeah the former Chippendales dancer, model and bodybuilder Lind Walter got a lot of bad treatment from his woman boss that had a beef with him after he got a contract with the Chippendales in Las Vegas for a permanent resident show. But what was the cause for which the ex chippendale Lind was abused by his woman boss?! Well, that abusive woman boss had to fire another hot chippendale for whom it seems that she had some feelings.. maybe a fling or something :D. What woman in this world do...

Chevelle – Vitamin R (Leading Us Along)

Chevelle - Vitamin R (Leading Us Along) You should try this one, it's one of many songs for workout and it may be your today's boost in the gym if you're looking for it ! :D Pump your muscles up and use some creatine to build up some energy.