Are you fat and ugly? Read me now!


are you fat and ugly

This is a very simple question regarding to people and their image about themselves. Are you fat and ugly?
If the answer is yes..

Why don’t you try changing something about this situation? Something like… going to the gym! Stop being fat and ugly and go to the gym, you can always have your ugliness, why being fat and risking having no social life at all?

You see, the gym can be a confidence booster for fat and ugly people. I’m thinking of a good example for you to understand it better.. say you’re fat and ugly and you want to date a girl / boy; what would you do?

We live in a superficial world that’s more interested in judging people on their appearance, if they’re:

  • fat or ugly
  • rich or poor

So you have to see the bright side of all this evil madness that makes teenagers take depression pills;

That bright side is the fact that you are forced to perfect yourself over and over so you don’t end up to be a slacker and i’m not here to talk about depression statistics or plastic surgeons that charge you up for trying to look good.

You just have to stop being fat and believe me, girls / boys usually tend to like a better body, a muscle without fat body, rather than a pretty face so if you’re fat and ugly there’s no problem at all because if you get rid of the fat you will look marvelous!

Just as this funny photo which i took from 9gag says:

Tired of being fat and ugly? Just be UGLY! GYM!

This is a a good motto to live by if you’re fat and ugly but as i’ve told you, remove the fat and see herds of girls / boys coming towards you! So the main keyword from this muscle gaining blog would be GYM, hit the gym hard and willing to make a change in your fat and ugly situation.

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2 Responses to “Are you fat and ugly? Read me now!”

  • Coach Andrew says:

    c`mmon everybody has that fat and ugly complex especially women but noah, going to the gym can be a way to improve your life style

  • Jim Pasterl says:

    fat and ugly chicks can really change their way of living and improvements can be seen in 4-5 months

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