Former Chippendales Lind Walter was abused by woman boss?!


muscles don't always help

Yeah the former Chippendales dancer, model and bodybuilder Lind Walter got a lot of bad treatment from his woman boss that had a beef with him after he got a contract with the Chippendales in Las Vegas for a permanent resident show.

But what was the cause for which the ex chippendale Lind was abused by his woman boss?!

Well, that abusive woman boss had to fire another hot chippendale for whom it seems that she had some feelings.. maybe a fling or something :D. What woman in this world doesn’t like a muscular body and a cute face on a man? (this can be one good incentive for those beginner bodybuilders who consider bodybuilding just an art in which you sculpt your muscles, you also get powerful women).

Even if you’re a hunk like a Chippendale i don’t think you enjoy being degraded and verbally abused by a woman boss like Lind Walter was.. by the way, Lind was also fired in February and the reason for that action was something related to budget cuts but later on after he was fired, the Chippendales added 3 new employees, so, as a result, he sued in federal court his boss that abused him through the employment years starting with 2008.

Hot Chippendale video with Lind Walter and his crew dancing on Kesha’s Tik Tok song

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