Fractured arm in powerlifting video accident! Did steroids do that?


weightlifting video accidentWell this video accident with Otto Selin’s fractured arm has gone viral after it was broadcasted on a tv station and it really is a painful fracture for a powerlifter but let’s see what could’ve triggered an arm fracture like that besides the huge weight that he was bench pressing (320 kg).

My first guess regarding to this fractured arm in the powerlifting accident is steroid use! Yes, steroid use is so common amongst powerlifters, weightlifters and bodybuilders but steroids have their limit even if you don’t feel pain while training with heavy weights.

Usually, steroid use makes people feel no muscle or joint pain because steroids suppress exactly that. The powerlifting accident occurred because of one huge weight which he was bench pressing and because of ┬áthe steroid use and that’s certain! You can reach a limit even when using steroids like powerlifters and that limit is when you put enormous strain on your muscles and bones. When you experience a muscle fail then your bones can crack like an egg shell!

x ray with powerlifting fractured arm

Otto Selin got one fractured arm and as you can see from the video accident and from the x ray, he has some serious problems since then. Even though the spotters were there, they were useless, even when he had that powerlifting failure as seen in the video accident, the spotters didn’t rush to help him. I mean why did they get paid, steroids can’t spot you !?!

Fractured arm video accident in powerlifting competition



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3 Responses to “Fractured arm in powerlifting video accident! Did steroids do that?”

  • Giany Franco says:

    steroid use is so lame today.. you have your supplement store that’s filled with all kinds of steroid like supplements from creatine to protein powders and carnitine liquids. No need for steroids !

  • Damn disgusting says:

    this is some grotesque sh$t. If you look carefully you can see the pain shaking that unfortunate powerlifter

  • Diane Polsky says:

    oh my god, that man had it comming; terrible accident. After watching the video i thought he died, horrible!

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