How do you get big muscles by looking in the mirror? The answer is here!


gold's gym mirror walls

Some people complain about their small muscle gain and they’re always wondering: How can i get big muscles? Well, you can get big muscles by looking in the mirror, yes that’s true!

Gold’s gym was opened in 1965 in Venice Beach, California and it had a lot of bodybuilding champions like: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Dave Draper, Lou Ferrigno, Franco Columbu, Mike Katz, Ed Corney, Frank Zane and much more but do you know what was their impulse to get big muscles? Well those mirror walls with large mirrors from Gold’s gym gave them the desire to grow bigger and get big muscles with the help of which they won lots of bodybuilding competitions..

Just think about it, when you’re looking in the mirror and see just a little bit of result from your hard training in the gym, you feel like a true bodybuilder and it helps you with your training because you will try to overcome your condition and you’ll pump harder and harder, just like those classic bodybuilders that won the first Mr. Olympia contests.

how do you get big muscles answerStop asking yourself “how can i get big muscles” and try to realize that some simple things like mirror walls are put in the gym for a reason, to help you get big muscles but of course you need to look in the mirror in order for it to work :D.

So, to make you understand better how does looking in the mirror can help you get big muscles here are some real life examples from your local gym:

  • “The huge guy” – this is the guy with big muscles who talks only with the other big guys from the gym.
  • “The hot gym chick” – we all know her and that gorgeous sculpted body that fusses around.
  • “The too lazy to workout guy” – that guy that stays forever in the machines and does nothing.
  • “The loud guy” – this is that special person who invented grunting at the gym and makes all kind of noises every 2 minutes.
  • “The strong fat man” – it doesn’t matter how strong he is because he will always be fat even with those big muscles. Don’t ask him the “how do you get big muscles” question because you will be disappointed.
  • “Mr know it all” -that annoying guy who always gives advices even if you don’t ask for them.
  • “The sweat monster guy” – that bastard will never stop sweating in the gym even if he’s only looking in the mirror.
  • “The old timer” – this old man will do every exercise like he did it in the 50’s and it’s a good think if he used to look like Arnold. You will also recognise him by the fact that he’s wearing tiny shorts.
  • “The horny knuckle dragger” – this guy will always hit on women in the gym. He will work out only when there’s no woman around.
  • “The annoying complainer” – this one is usually a woman and she will always be with a trainer. You can hear her complain about how hard everything is :D.
  • “The marathon maniac” – she will always think she is fat and that’s why she will be found on the treadmill for 2 hours.

The fact is that it doesn’t matter what kind of gym person you are, the single thing that matters is that every gym type walks in front of a mirror and they look in the mirror to see results. Those persons also usually ask themselves “how can i get big muscles?” while standing in front of those mirror walls that never lie and they get their answers after sessions and sessions of hard training and mirror posing!

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One Response to “How do you get big muscles by looking in the mirror? The answer is here!”

  • James P. says:

    I’m a narcissistic freak, each time i go to the gym i just look in the mirror.. working out and looking in the mirror. Is there something wrong with me? i don’t want a personality disorder

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