Old bodybuilder – Then and now picture


Now i guess that some of you got tired of working out and waiting to get bodybuilding results but you must look at a then and now picture with this bodybuilder.

Some bodybuilders peak in their mid 30’s but look at this old bodybuilder that looks even better after the passing of the time, time in which you can overcome a plateau or even strike gold with a bodybuilding career but only if you’re dedicated like this man was and that then and now picture of the old bodybuilder speaks for itself.

Of course, you can always haste your journey to gain muscle mass by using steroids, but believe me when i say that you will never look like that old bodybuilder when you’ll get old.. Stay clean, stay healthy!

passing of the time on a bodybuilder

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3 Responses to “Old bodybuilder – Then and now picture”

  • noname says:

    yes, this is indeed quite remarkable.This is what happens when you have motivation and the power of will:)let’s give it up for old bodybuilders!

  • Chris says:

    Any idea who this bodybuilder is, what’s his name?

  • admin says:

    I really don’t know him, sorry!

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