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Eva Andressa Vieira posing her luscious body

Eva Andressa Vieira is quite a shemuscle with a beautiful face.. looking at that stunning physique of hers with stone hard muscles especially her legs where Eva seemed to have worked out a lot, you can agree with me about her raw sexiness. Does she really need those hot sexy black bikinis?

Hilarious! Borat at the gym video

You all know Borat, the crazy kazakh that mocked America with all his traditionalist ideas and now.. Borat went to a gym in America to see how do bodybuilders get those bodies :D. Okay, the english comedian Sacha Baron Cohen doesn't have muscles and i think that when he was young, deep down inside he wanted to get that beach body with six pack abs but he couldn't, and now he's lashing out in a funny way on the fitness trainer from Ironworks Gym - Miami. Borat is a master in taunting everything ...

Chicken potato salad for bigger muscles

Recipe for today: Chicken potato salad for bigger muscles Being a classic recipe can be a bummer for some of you because it is a very used recipe and therefore it can be a boring meal for growing bigger muscles but you can be sure that it's higher in protein, a terrific carb source and it has healthy fats. Ingredients for the chicken potato salad recipe 3 sweet potatoes (cut into cubes) one half of a cup of baby corn 1 diced red pepper one half of diced yellow pepper 2 tablespo...