2012 Paralympics motivational video! There will be tears in your eyes!


overcome your disabilityFirst of all, the Paralympics 2012 sponsors had Samsung on board too, so they decided to make this extraordinary motivational video with Paralympics at its best! Yes, it’s a branded content but think about your usual motivational video and then add the fact that this is a Paralympics video and Paralympics medals have a greater value, because those persons are more than simple disabled people..

They train hard and when they’re tired, they train even more, until failure and it resembles to training for bodybuilding. The 2012 Paralympics will give some simple disabled people, the chance to become famous disabled people, people who want to reach their full potential in life despite their physical disability.

As you can see from this motivational video, referring to the powerlifting part, it seems that this isn’t the case for only a good workout and diet when wanting to get that bodybuilder body and strength, you also need proper motivation and the will to train while being physically disabled.

Motivational video with the 2012 Paralympics for disabled people

If you can just feel this 2012 Paralympics motivational video, then you would agree with me that muscle gaining through workout and diet isn’t only for normal people, but for everyone!

Just as the motivational video says:

Even if you’re an archer, cyclist, swimmer, running athlete, powerlifter, Everyone Can Take Part! Sport doesn’t care who you are or what you are!

For all of those disabled people out there who want to try entering the Paralympics.. You’re strong, You’re Fast, You’re an Athlete! NOTHING CAN STOP YOU! After watching this 2012 Paralympics motivational video i had tears in my eyes even if i’m a man, but those tears were because i admire disabled people who take charge of their life!

You can also check the  Official 2012 Paralympics website

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2 Responses to “2012 Paralympics motivational video! There will be tears in your eyes!”

  • jacky jane says:

    2012 paralympics…wow, this is indeed something else.I Almost got some tears in my eyes watching this video, this motivational video as a matter of fact. This goes to show that it is not impossible to have a bodybuilder body, even if you are a person with special needs.

  • alex says:

    no doubt, the best motivational video for those participating to the 2012 paralympics. Tears in your eyes won’t be enogh to show the emotion coming out of the soul. There is a bodybuilder’s body in everyone :D

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