50 Cent – Shooting Guns Feat. Kidd Kidd


50 Cent – Shooting Guns Feat. Kidd Kidd

Get big muscles on these songs for workout, songs which make people get that gym mood, that desire to change, and what a change man until you can become a bodybuilder. You don’t need a 50 cent menu to get big muscles, i know that, but think that you invest in your body a fair amount of money, an investment which pays in time, when you will hold some muscle gaining supplements in your arms and advertise them like hell for lots and lots of cash.

It’s like going to war till your heart stops just like 50 cent says in this shooting guns song for workout and you better pray for something more than getting big muscles (you also need some brain to advertise your lean and muscular body). But don’t start shooting your right and left guns in people that steal your spot at the bench press 😀 .

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