About casein’s edge over whey protein! Yeah, it’s a fact!


effect when you're on caseinEverywhere and in any circumstances, everybody says that whey protein is better than casein but you know what? Make the effort and read the labels of famous supplements and you’ll see that those supplements which made people get in an easy way a bodybuilder body, have casein as their main ingredient so this is the fact which will make you read this article about casein’s edge over whey protein!

So what’s casein? From where does casein come? Well, here are your answers about casein:

First of all, i have to tell you that not all proteins have the same structure, and that depends on their origins:

  • eggs
  • whey
  • soy

These days, those who have a bodybuilder body usually use whey protein because it’s their favorite but why not have faster results after reading about casein and using it? Still there’s nothing to object about whey protein, because whey is a first hand product with more than enough aminoacids, aminoacids like:

  • Leucine
  • Isoleucine
  • Valine

Those are actually BCAA aminoacids which dissolve easily in water and have a great taste for protein shakes.

Now let’s talk about the protein that isn’t a celebrity like whey protein, the protein that has an edge over whey, let’s talk about casein!

We all know that whey protein is not good if you take it in the morning because it gets into the bloodstream very fast and it gets assimilated but just for energy and not for muscle mass to get that bodybuilder body. Now, about casein, well.. if you take casein in the morning you wouldn’t have a problem like that because casein has a slow assimilation process thus not wasting precious aminoacids and it has a great catabolic process which whey protein doesn’t have.

all you need to know about casein's edge over whey proteinIf you would combine whey protein and casein, then you will get extraordinary results which give you that bodybuilder body which you’ve always wanted and then, the casein’s edge over whey wouldn’t matter.

So you can mix whey protein with casein in a blender or shaker and make those protein shakes which are so good after training..

Workout and diet plan are the keywords for having a bodybuilder body and you should remember at least 30% of what i’m writing over here about muscle gaining because you don’t need steroids.

Some studies showed that when casein is used in large amounts, the body fat gets reduced while muscle mass is growing and while subjects that were using whey protein got 3 kg of muscle mass, subjects on casein got 4 kg of muscle mass so you can do the maths by yourself :D. Also the energetic levels on those who were on casein, rose by 59% while those on whey protein had barely risen to 29%.

The study was conducted on a period of 12 weeks and it showed something about casein and its effect on a bodybuilder body, the fact that casein had an edge over whey protein so use 30 grams of casein a day in those moments when you aren’t hungry¬†and especially before going to sleep to ensure a good quantity of aminoacids over the night.

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One Response to “About casein’s edge over whey protein! Yeah, it’s a fact!”

  • Murdock Gym says:

    i always mix my casein with whey protein because i can feel the effects in double the usual dose. Hehe, you’ve got a point with the overnight edge of casein over whey but whey is usual more expensive than casein

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