Bodybuilder body with hard abs – motivational photo


Well who doesn’t want to get hard abs on his muscular frame resembling to a bodybuilder body? I’ll tell you who, no one! You know those guys from the gym that tell you “things” about people who have a bodybuilder body, things like the fact that those with hard abs scare women away?

How wrong they are… mostly of them are jealous on guys with a bodybuilder body because it’s hard to get hard abs and you can just think about it while looking at this motivational photo… So they’re jealous because they’re fat, with ugly beer bellies, people who don’t know the difference between a donut calorie and a chicken breast calorie.

motivation for beginners who want a bodybuilder body

It’s hard to sustain a bodybuilder body with hard abs but it’s worth it! Try not to be so trusting when it comes to listening to advices coming from guys who clearly don’t have anything in common with bodybuilding. Just look at this motivational photo with hard abs and think of yourself in the next 12 months! It can be you!

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One Response to “Bodybuilder body with hard abs – motivational photo”

  • Timmy Shrimpy says:

    motivational or not, this photo is awesome. I haven’t seen in my gym a person who looks like that with awesome washboard abs!

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