Bodybuilding police officers! To serve and protect photo gallery


bodybuilder policeI have the utmost respect for police officers because they work day and night regardless to any holidays and sometimes on an average salary just to keep citizens safe.

That’s why, if they’re bodybuilders, then you must know that a bodybuilding shape is hard to maintain and it takes time and lots of food but it seems that these muscle cops from our today’s photos have both or maybe they’re genetically gifted.

Can a police officer also be a bodybuilder?

Well yes, to be a muscle cop is hard but it has its perks when you’re fighting with criminals, offenders, delinquents etc. because then, you’ll excel in fear factor, what the heck you’ll be one of those bodybuilder police officers or muscle cops that get promoted only based on looks (joking) 😀 .

I only hope that the police magazine from each state included these bodybuilder police officer photos in their honorific department’s finest. A muscle cop besides to serve and protect also has a bodybuilding responsability if he wants to keep one awesome bodybuilder body that can be a winner in bodybuilding competitions. Some think that policemen use steroids but if your life would be on the line, wouldn’t you like to have a partner like these muscle cops?

I also work in law enforcement and i do want to get a bodybuilder body by the time i turn 26 so i guess that you’ve been looking on google for some bodybuilder policemen photos and here they are in a great big photo gallery. Check each muscle cop from highway patrols to city cops and yes, these are actual police officers and in this photo gallery you can also see Ronnie Coleman and Lou Ferrigno!

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