Facts: Fast food calories can kill your bodybuilding nutrition


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In this article you will find some interesting facts about fast food and its impact on health after eating some of those fast food calories which can kill your bodybuilding nutrition anytime.

Imagine that you’re at work, you’re extremely busy and you get to a point where you’re simply starved. What do you do in this bodybuilding nutrition trap? I’ll tell you what you’ll do in this case; You’ll go to the local fast food diner where no respectable weightlifter should go! These mecca of fast food calories are more than mouths to feed these days so it is hard not to get a quick snack but you must know some facts about fast food, facts which will help you maintain that urge under a tight leash because believe it or not, the impact on health is devastating!

These unhealthy eating habits in fast foods that simply destroy every trace of bodybuilding nutrition start since your childhood with your parents.

Because of incorrect choices where to eat you get the false feeling that you eat healthy and not bad fast food calories.. but sometimes you’re wrong. If you’re thinking that eating regularly prolongs your life then you should reevaluate your eating habits, think of the impact on health.

First of all, you must analyze what you’ve been eating in your local fast food diner to see the real facts about fast food; Lots of fast foods have more unhealthy fats and unnecessary carbs than you think!

The ideal calorie consumption which can help your bodybuilding nutrition should look something like this:

  • 30% fats
  • 40% proteins
  • 30% carbs

The bad thing about fast food calories is that the calorie consumption at a typical fast food diner looks something like this:

  • 80% fats and carbs
  • only 20% proteins

Still this is not entirely our fault it’s more because of our poor education on fast food calories and their impact on health and for this reason we can’t imagine all that fat which loads up with weight on our arteries. By the way, fat people are more prone to heart diseases because of the fat which tires the heart. Your heart is pumping harder when the arteries are blocked with those huge amounts of fat from fast food calories that can kill more than your bodybuilding nutrition.

My only hope regarding these facts about fast food is that after reading this article something would change inside you and make that indifference to those fast food calories disappear.

fast food caloriesTo prevent a devastating impact on health due to fast food calories intake you should remember these top tips when going to a fast food diner:

  • I would like a salad!

    – instead of eating those irresistible french fries, why not eat a good salad which can be found in bodybuilding nutrition journals but avoid mayonnaise thus avoiding a lot more fast food calories.

  • Bigger doesn’t necessary mean better!

    – never ever order a large portion, these are simple facts about fast food. If you’re really that hungry, take a simple portion and order a glass of water or ice tea to fill that stomach.

  • Don’t order cheese!

    – processed cheese has side effects on arteries thus a huge negative impact on health and it also has lots of calories.

  • It’s a salty situation!

    – don’t salt and don’t put ketchup because if you know some facts about fast food you also know that fast foods have already lots of salt in them.

  • No to sweets!

    – skip dessert. If you really feel the need to eat something sweet, buy a fruit! Keep those delicious desserts for the cheat day that’s inside your book about bodybuilding nutrition.

So next time you go at a fast food diner remember the fast food facts and watch your calories if you want to prevent a negative impact on health and well being of the body, the bodybuilder body!

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