7 years old strongest kid from Ukraine does 4000 push ups in a row!


Andriy Kostash is the strongest kid from Ukraine and he’s about 7 years old! Why is he called the strongest kid? Well because he did 4000 push ups in 2.5 hours according to the Ukranian Book of Records.

Yes, there is a youtube video but not with those 2.5 hours in which Andriy Kostash did those 4000 push ups, because it would be too long for you to watch.. If you’d watch the full youtube video with the 4000 push ups, then at the end of it, you would find out that your wife filed for divorce and that your dog died from old age :D.

Even if it’s about the Ukranian Book of Records and not about Guinness World Records, you can still believe that the strongest kid from Ukraine accomplished to perform that huge amount of push ups with no problems at all.

The 7 years old Andriy Kostash who’s also the strongest kid from Ukraine managed to perform those thousand push ups because he was dedicated and he started his training sessions since he was 5 years old. After a year of workout and diet, the strongest kid reached to the point where he could do 3000 push ups :D.

Andriy’s unrecorded personal best when it comes to push ups, was about 6000 push ups in a row so we can expect him to get a bodybuilder body in the near future! A trained muscle does wonders! I personally know some friends of mine who can’t even do 10 push ups so he deserves our respect if he likes working out more than playing computer games!

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