Back to the gym? Top tips to restore your hardcore training sessions


restore your old heavy duty trainingHello friends, today i’ll try to explain the basics of getting back to the gym in order for you to know what to do when wanting to restart the muscle gaining process through training sessions which you left behind a while ago. Try to remember these top tips when getting back to the gym if you want to reignite that bodybuilding spark which heads you on that path which rewards you with a bodybuilder body!

Lots of us had infrequent training sessions or we even stopped going to the gym thus stopping the workout and diet program which helped us do that sexy pose which women love :).

There are lots of reasons for which we didn’t go to the gym anymore, for example:

  • Vacation or holidays
  • Injuries of any kind, they don’t have to be related to bodybuilding
  • Work problems

These are good reasons for you to stop going to the gym but you don’t have to make it a habit because if you don’t restart your hard training sessions, then you will lose all that muscle tension, strength, muscle mass and maybe even health if you’re going to be a slacker, a couch potato.

If you’re back to the gym then you should be very motivated and you have to clarify your goals regarding to your training sessions.. if you want to lose weight or gain muscle mass. Still, if you got used to eat unhealthy food like fast food or others, then you have to adapt your body to a new diet plan which has to be a healthy one!

Renew your gym membership and buy the proper equipment for your specific training sessions such as tracksuits, running shoes, gym shoes, t-shirts, or just use your old rags. If you want to keep an edge on your workout and diet, you can use supplements too. They’ll help you with restoring the muscle fullness and burning excess fat.

Without proper established goals like getting a bodybuilder body, and let’s say a medium budget, you’ll be tempted to quit the gym again!

If you want to keep yourself motivated think about the bodybuilding benefits when you’re back to the gym:

  • You’ll look better and you’ll have a toned physique
  • You’ll feel better and your self confidence will skyrocket
  • You’ll be more appreciated by those around you
  • You’ll gain strength through muscle gaining methods.
  • You’ll also be more relaxed

So, you’re back to the gym, let me see what can i use as top tips for your training sessions. Firs of all, you have to keep your training sessions in low intensity, a kind of readaptation for your muscles which quit the gym until not long ago. Don’t try in any way to beat your personal records from before getting that break :). Here’s a funny photo which demonstrates what i’m talking about !

funny back to the gym 9gag style

So, let’s see some top tips to restore your high intensity training sessions which gave you a bodybuilder body through workout and diet:

  1. Keep a training log on a journal! Yeah, everybody says that because it really is effective when you’re back to the gym. A training log is the perfect way to track your progress and see if you’re stronger and on your muscle gaining way! You can note set numbers, rep numbers,  amount of weight used in different exercises, training duration, type and quantities of food you ate and much more. This is the way to see where you’re at with your progress in the gym!
  2. Try a good warm up for a change! Do all the basic movements from neck to toe for 10 minutes when you’re at a training session even if, for example you’re not training your legs. This is because you don’t know when you lift something heavy ! Argument: If you lift in a proper way by using your legs and not your back..  something might snap inside of them  because you didn’t use a good warm up which targets all that bodybuilder body.
  3. Use a smart exercise method! As i’ve said earlier, when you’re back to the gym, you have to keep a low intensity when working out to let your muscles get used with those grueling training sessions. Don’t use a lot of exercises per muscle group, instead use 1-2 different exercises for small muscle groups and a maximum of 3-4 exercises for big muscle groups to keep a smart exercise method.
  4. Using weights as you use your brain after a long break? Yes, that’s right, don’t use your full potential in the first training sessions. Try to use weights untill you reach 60-80% of your potential and don’t train until failure because you’ll be so sore after one training session that you won’t be able to train the second day!
  5. Frequency won’t help! This really is a top tip for those who got back to the gym because you have to let your body get a piece of that recovery time which helps with the soreness after training sessions. You have to be able to workout! Don’t train more than 2-3 times a week because your body needs more recovery time after a break.
  6. Do some stretching exercises! At the end of your training sessions you should do some serious stretching, wanna know why? Well, because it will prevent the lactic acid accumulation inside the muscles therefore you won’t feel an intense muscle soreness after a day of going back to the gym. You can also try drinking Alkaline Ionized Water. How are these for a bunch of top tips? 🙂
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One Response to “Back to the gym? Top tips to restore your hardcore training sessions”

  • Pam Rodel says:

    this is useful because i.m gonna go back to the gym after a bad injury to my leg and i really have to get my strength back!

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