Heavy duty strength training secrets just like in the golden age of bodybuilding


training like in the golden age of bodybuildingWe all know that a good diet plan has a big impact on muscle gaining, thus on the main result, to get that bodybuilder body. Ok, that’s right, but we have to talk a little bit about workout too, to be more precise, about strength training in the heavy duty way, just like they did it in the golden age of bodybuilding.

In the pioneering age of bodybuilding, a lot of emphasis was placed on strength and after you’ve got to a point where strength training through heavy duty did its job, then you could focus more on muscle definition or muscle mass.

Sadly, strength training as a part of that workout and diet, has been lost over the years among bodybuilders but now, i will tell you some details about Mike Mentzer’s belief that heavy duty – strength training had a huge impact on muscle gaining.

Yes, on a short term, muscle mass won’t appear that fast through heavy duty strength training but one of Mike Mentzer’s argument regarding to this was something like:

Beginner bodybuilders or even pro bodybuilders, tend to weigh themselves before each training session and you should think about the fact that 15 kg of muscle mass obtained through a year of hard training, can’t be observed on a daily weighing because each day, your weight would have an insignificant fluctuation.

So, Mike Mentzer thought that big muscle mass doesn’t have to be considered as an important part of bodybuilding results. Instead, if you increase strength, according to Mike Mentzer, is a great way to get results, results which help you get a bodybuilder body.

increase strength like classic bodybuildersJust think, through strength training, the heavy duty way, you can use heavier weights; with heavier weights you can increase muscle tension and muscle tension helps with creating the anabolic state, anabolic state which combined with a good diet plan, creates the end result!!! Building huge MUSCLE MASS just like in the golden age of bodybuilding!

I think we all agree on the fact that, if you want a bodybuilder body with muscle mass, you need to increase strength because lots of beginner or pro bodybuilders forget about the benefits of strength training. Yes, Mike Mentzer said that after using his heavy duty training program, he didn’t see any muscle gaining results for months, but he did see progress in his increased strength and all of a sudden, after a long period of waiting, Mike Mentzer saw a more bigger body with bigger muscles in the mirror!! If you don’t believe me, just take a look at this video made in memory of Mike Mentzer..

Being used to increased effort, your muscles tend to grow only on this basic principle:

  • Big stimulant = Big muscle gains just like in the golden age of bodybuilding

Check out the Mike Mentzer photo gallery

If we want to increase strength through heavy duty strength training, then our workouts should be short, with a bigger rest time between sets, and with fewer gym sessions. After the strength training program, you’ll get tired and that tiredness triggers chemical reactions which facilitate protein metabolism thus increasing not only strength but muscle mass too.

Remember the heavy duty tips when it comes to strength training:

  1. Low reps.
  2. Bigger rest time between sets.
  3. Try to have a bigger recovery time when training the same muscle group.
  4. Low number of sets per muscle group for maximum efficiency in strength training like a pro.
  5. Try to have as many recovery days as you can.
  6. Use small rest periods of 1 to 2 seconds when peaking your sets.
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One Response to “Heavy duty strength training secrets just like in the golden age of bodybuilding”

  • Ralph Moore says:

    i wish i would’ve lived in the golden age of bodybuilding when steroids were legal and you could get 4 types of steroids at once to get to look like that. Yes, some people like me really don’t care about the side effects of steroids, we just want to get into that heavy duty strength training. It’s not about secrets, but it’s about experience

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