Intermediate level bodybuilding tips for an advanced workout!


advanced workout tips for advanced bodybuildersThese bodybuilding tips which you’ll see in today’s article, are intended for those intermediate level bodybuilders who need a different approach with their training sessions. Why would they need it, you’re asking? Because they reached a level where their workout and diet don’t act as they used to for an optimum muscle gaining processs.

What does it mean to be an intermediate level bodybuilder?

A lot of bodybuilders ask themselves the same question regarding to advanced bodybuilding and advanced workouts or if they fit in the intermediate level category for bodybuilding.

After a year of workout and diet but without long breaks (1, maximum 2 weeks), a beginner bodybuilder should have muscle gains resembling to these figures:

  • weight gain should be between 7-10 kg
  • arm size should be at least 42 cm or 16 inches with the help of your gym routine
  • 8 to 12 cm added chest size if you had a proper workout and diet of course
  • smaller waist size with about 5-10 cm

Some of the beginner bodybuilders, even if they listen to bodybuilding tips and have a great workout and diet, still achieve these values for an intermediate level in 2 years while others do it in a few months. You can blame your body type and then, the way you schedule your training sessions , eat and rest.

I guess you guys hit the point where a plateau is already installed and you just need that extra push for an advanced workout in the new advanced bodybuilding level which will keep you on the right path for muscle gaining benefits.

The human body has an extraordinary power to adapt itself so that’s why, after a few months of huge progress at the gym with your training sessions, you’re feeling like everything is slower now or sometimes you’re feeling like you had hit a plateau in muscle gaining. Now this is the time when you have to start the transition to the intermediate level in bodybuilding for an advanced workout and bodybuilding tips which will blast your muscles to grow like they used to.

The main idea in the advanced bodybuilding category is that you have to train your body from different angles and with higher intensity, so strength training sessions are a must!

advanced bodybuilders training sessionsNow, it’s time to start with some top tips before the real bodybuilding tips; They will help you in the intermediate level workout and diet to gain muscle mass. You should start, and i mean immediately, making sure that you’re doing these things:

  • increase the duration of your training sessions!
  • reduce the rest period between sets!

You still have to teach yourself the basics with the rest period because if you reduce it too much, then your weights from the bar will be smaller and we don’t want to be unproductive!

Good, well here are the real bodybuilding tips, get rid of your old gym routine and start using that advanced workout:

  1. Cheat reps – this was the first known way to increase strength when having strength training sessions. Lots of beginner bodybuilders discovered for themselves this way to increase intensity and get to the intermediate level. You can spot the usual cheat reps when a person starts wabbling around when doing barbell curls. Try to be careful though, you can get a nasty injury if you’re too serious with those cheat reps; 2-3 cheat reps are enough to stimulate all those muscle fibers from the targeted area.
  2. Half reps – these are only for those who are at the intermediate level and need an advanced workout but believe me, these bodybuilding tips are not for beginner bodybuilders! Half reps got popular after Vince Gironda started using them and teaching others. Half reps are also burning reps and they’re very effective when it comes to training calves. Yes, these half reps are still done at the end of a set when you’re exhausted.
  3. Slow reps – this way to increase intensity in your training sessions is a very hard one and because you can only do a maximum of 3-4 slow reps with full intensity, it’s better to be done by those who are advanced. It’s hard to get a bodybuilder body, but when you do it, you will be very satisfied. Dorian Yates used slow reps too and look at him now :).
  4. Negative reps – Late 1970’s experiments showed that if you focus on negative reps, then your muscle mass will increase and the strength gains will be huge and those results were better than with positive reps. Bodybuilding tips should be only tips but i’ll also explain how to do negative reps. When lowering the weight back down, you have to reduce the speed but you have to get a bodybuilding partner because, you’ll hit a point when you can’t lift the weight back up and you’ll get stuck with it (bench press). Casey Viator used this advanced workout tip with Arthur Jones and he had muscle gains of about 28 kg in a month!!!! AMAZING!!! But the way he ate and how he trained is still unknown (my personal opinion is that he also used steroids). By the way, Arthur Jones invented Nautilus, a good piece of gym equipment.
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