Things you didn’t know about bodybuilding!


when bodybuilding was for freaks and fetishistsThese days, muscle gaining has been taken for granted and bodybuilding supplements have an estimated selling figure in an average year in USA of about 60 billion dollars but there are things you didn’t know about bodybuilding, things which happened in the past!

Let me begin by saying that bodybuilding competitions are the main reason for which the majority of bodybuilders train but in the 1950’s or 1960’s, bodybuilding diet, a bodybuilder body or anything which was about bodybuilding wasn’t popular at all! Why??

People always thought in those days that, bodybuilding, bodybuilders and bodybuilding supplements are synonyms for the “freak meaning” term. Another ugly aspect about bodybuilding in those olden days was the fact that bodybuilders who participated in bodybuilding competitions to show off their workout and diet results, were seen as being a part of the gay community or as vain fetishists.

So, there are a lot of things you didn’t know about bodybuilding just like the fact that bodybuilding was considered to be some kind of perverted activity or just a waste of time but do you know what were the main 2 reasons for which bodybuilding with its all about bodybuilding things got popular and well seen??? Take a wild guess!

Vintage Bodybuilding Video from the 1930’s when bodybuilders were considered freaks

The main 2 events which show you that there still are some things you didn’t know about bodybuilding, are:

The first Mr. Olympia 1965

It was the greatest of bodybuilding competitions and it had a huge prize in money for the winner. The first Mr. Olympia changed everybody’s perspective on bodybuilding, bodybuilding diets, bodybuilding supplements and much more. It took place in New York on 18.09.1965 .

The Mr. Olympia title represented the peak of bodybuilding competitions and since 1965, only 12 bodybuilders accomplished to win this contest. Joe Weider created this all about bodybuilding competition for the greatest bodybuilders in the world, making it a place where they could defend their title just by posing their muscle gaining results achieved through workout and diet!

If you’re asking yourself something like:

Why is Mr. Olympia different from Mr. Universe or Mr. World?

The answer is pretty damn clear; At Mr. Universe and Mr. World, if you won, then you weren’t allowed to apply for one of those bodybuilding competitions again.

The first hardcore bodybuilding training movie: Pumping Iron 1977

Bodybuilding had a huge success after Pumping Iron was launched in 1977, where the main role was given to Arnold Schwarzenegger. For the first time in bodybuilding history, people could see what was really going on in the gym, all the details about bodybuilding, training secrets, dedication, envy, progress, muscle gaining, all those things which help you get that bodybuilder body!

We have to thank all those bodybuilding pioneers who trained, got huge muscles and showed the world that being a bodybuilder isn’t like being gay or a perverted fetishist. They taught new comers, or beginner bodybuilders, everything about bodybuilding and believe me, i think you use workouts in your training sessions which date since the 1950’s!

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One Response to “Things you didn’t know about bodybuilding!”

  • Craving for muscles says:

    It’s hard to think of most of the today pros’ bodies as being aesthetic. Spectators go to see Mr Olympia contests to look at something “out of this world”, i don’t know if i wish to look like today’s bodybuilders but the old ones have my greatest respect for what they had to endure for their true passion, bodybuilding!! In a way or another i did know those things about bodybuilding but i didn’t know the amplitude of their effect on modern bodybuilding

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