Andreia Brazier wearing a tiara and sexy lingerie that are fit for a princess!


The sexy part of muscle gaining was shown by Andreia Brazier, the queen of fitness, in that interesting photo shoot!

She’s a great female fitness model and every girl should take gym classes from Andreia Brazier because she also learned a lot of useful gym related stuff from her personal trainer ohh and also her husband, Tom Brazier.

While Andreia Brazier wears that tiara fit for a princess and sexy lingerie made out of swarovski crystals, she’s also in a sexy pose which reveals her muscular thighs, sexy calves, ripped abs, sculpted shoulders and big arm muscles.

sexy pose

Women with muscular calves look so great especially in tight jeans.. At her age, she’s 34 years old, Andreia Brazier is like a black swan, elegant and slender; She doesn’t drink or smoke and she loves her workout and diet because that’s how you can get a sexy body!

In the second photo, we find Andreia Brazier in another sexy lingerie set which, this time looks like it’s been made out of gold. Our female fitness model really does look great and who wouldn’t want to have a wife like Andreia?

sexy andreia brazier with golden lingerie

Fit, toned and ready for action ! The best part when you’re having a wife like Andreia Brazier, is that you will also start a workout and diet because you have to keep up with her workout results 😀 , you can’t just be a fat bastard!

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