Don’t buy C9-T11!! There is no such thing as a miracle supplement – Here’s why


why you shouldn't buy c9 t11A lot of new comers to the gym want to grow big muscles as fast as they can and because they don’t have patience, they usually end up taking steroids or buying those expensive bodybuilding supplements from scam sites that promise them big muscles: “Researchers found the answer on how to build muscle fast! Bla Bla

First of all, if you’re a newbie at the gym and wondering how to build muscle fast, well it’s not that easy to get big muscles! When you get on a fishy site like the ones which advertise for those “natural steroids” out there, you should know that if something sounds too good to be true then it probably is!

Supplement scams are everywhere and the C9-T11 is also a scam – Here are some facts about today’s bogus miracle supplement:

The C9-T11 which is called the alternative to steroids or the single supplement out there which can enter the natural steroids category, is just an abbreviation for one of the isomers common to CLA, Conjugated Linoleic Acid.

Yes, CLA comes from the bodybuilding supplements category and it has been around in fitness stores for years; It can improve your muscle gaining experience and it can also burn fat but not as they say in the miracle supplement’s site and that’s why you shouldn’t spend money on the C9-T11 marketing scam.

That “Carthamus tinctorius – rare plant which increases muscle growth by 700%” is Safflower, the plant from which you get oil just like the sunflower 😀 so, if you want to get ripped off then be my guest and buy the expensive C9-T11 hoax. It’s an overpriced version of CLA!

By the way, the C9-T11 is a lot of hype, even the statement that it’s made from plants is false because CLA is a fatty acid by-product from meat, milk and cheese. It is stated that it can have an anabolic action when you want a bodybuilder body with big muscles but it’s not very effective.

c9 t11 is a scam

Yes, the answer for how to build muscle fast isn’t C9-T11 because it’s just a marketing scheme with relabeled bodybuilding supplements which don’t sell because they’re cheap to acquire in large quantities.

c9-t11 ingredients prospect

Wanna’ know why you shouldn’t buy the overpriced CLA or C9-T11?

You shouldn’t buy the 37 dollar expensive “alternative to steroids” crap or C9-T11 because, since it’s just plain CLA, you can spend your money on, yes you’re right, CLA! You should find it at low prices starting from 8 dollars on ebay or at any supplement store.

These bodybuilding related scams are made especially for those gullible gym newbies because they promise extraordinary workout results without even having to keep a proper diet and things like that; It’s just bullcrap!

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5 Responses to “Don’t buy C9-T11!! There is no such thing as a miracle supplement – Here’s why”

  • Building muscles fan says:

    I was so surprised at a first sight when reading those details about C9-T11 on that scam site that got you to another scam site but this time it was supposed to be the official C9-T11 distributor. I really though that i will gain some muscle mass out of it but it’s good that i googled and found your interesting article! Cheers

  • Mark I. says:

    Well, personally I had absolutely no clue about the c9-t11 scam before reading this. It’s nice that some people still try to do good in this world, bodybuilding related or not! It sounded too good to be true!

  • ryan says:

    I have tried c9 t11 and it did work for me. I lost fat and gained muscle. Now i see a shitty cheap website claiming that c9t11 is crap?
    Even if i didn’t use it before i would believe them over you just because of the website. Theres is good and yours is shit. And how are we to know you are not trying to sell your cla?

  • admin says:

    Ryan, I really do think that you’re just a simple person that was paid to advertise C9-T11 but there’s no biggie, everyone’s entitled to their opinion. And btw, I didn’t post any kind of link for another CLA distributor, your argument is invalid!

  • NIggs says:

    Yo nigga this shit was lit. Thanks for the heads up for the C9-t11 scam

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