Dwayne Johnson The Rock before and after transformation in photos! Did he take steroids or not?


before and after transformationWe all know Dwayne Johnson along with his big muscles but if you check out how he looked like in the past when he still was a professional wrestler, you’ll see that he changed a lot during the years.

Now, when we’re closer to the year 2013, The Rock instead of getting older and weaker is growing bigger and stronger due to his workout and diet but i’m pretty sure that he’s using steroids because i know for a fact that even the best looking bodybuilder body starts to lack of HGH or human growth hormone when it’s getting older and if you use the growth hormone, you risk to grow in bone density too.

In the famous world of wrestling there were and still are lots of steroid scandals but no one knows anything about Dwayne Johnson and his actual workout results.. How did he do it? The Rock was lucky to get great genetics from his father and a huge body frame at his height of 6′ 4″ or 1.93 m.

Looking at the photo gallery which i added, you can see that there are huge differences in Dwayne Johnson’s physique transformation through the years. I tried to arrange the photos with Dwayne Johnson in a before and after order so that you can see what i’ve seen.

So, is The Rock on steroids? Is he really doing steroids?

The masseter muscles from your jaws which are responsible for the angular jawed look, are fusiform or parrellel fast twitch muscle fibers that, like the biceps and hamstrings respond best to androgens like testosterone,anadrol or d-bol and when you mix them with HGH you can get Dwayne Johnson’s new jaw line because if you look carefully in the old and new photos, there is a difference at his jaw line.

First of all, Dwayne Johnson, known also as The Rock, when he was asked by an MTV reporter what’s his perspective about steroid usage and if he tried steroids, The Rock had a somewhat positive thinking when it came to debate the steroids problem and he wasn’t bothered about the thought of using steroids.

The Rock also admitted using steroids when he was young along with his buddies. He was 18-19 years old but if you did it once, what stops you from doing it twice?

You should know that Dwayne Johnson didn’t always have an athletic body with ripped muscles, huge traps, big triceps, coconut shoulders or pumped biceps and as a proof, you’ll get the chance to see The Rock when he was a beginner football player and believe me, he was a fat teenager with chubby cheeks :D!

Being a very well paid actor, Dwayne Johnson can afford his own doctor who can prescribe him exactly what he needs and in the exact amount which is required for best muscle gaining experience. For his strength training, a personal trainer can come in handy but i doubt the fact that The Rock would use one because he knows exactly what to work out and how to do it.

I also think that Dwayne Johnson used steroids in his wrestling career from the single fact that he had great mobility when jumping and stretching; Steroids are known for their joint benefits!

He never was a lean muscular type of guy and all of a sudden he gets all ripped and sh$%t. What’s the deal with that? HGH is also known for the fact that it gives you a ripped body.

In order to maintain and even increase lean muscle mass as Dwayne Johnson did, you have to use the best workout and diet combination and you also have to eat at least 7 meals a day so, judging from The Rock’s before and after photos, he didn’t eat that well in the past because he had problems with his body fat, now he has about 11% body fat.

His diet results were huge muscles and also a ripped body but even if you pump yourself with supplements, the end results aren’t the same with what Dwayne Johnson achieved, believe me!

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Dwayne Johnson The Rock Before and After transformation through the years – Photo Gallery

then and now

dwayne johnson fat

dwayne johnson before steroids

the rock before

the rock using steroids

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the rock before and after

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4 Responses to “Dwayne Johnson The Rock before and after transformation in photos! Did he take steroids or not?”

  • Tom Cristensen says:

    There are a lot of blind people who just admire Dwayne The Rock even if he eats a goat but these are some real facts about The Rock’s possible steroid usage and i appreciate them!

  • Buff Lion says:

    Of course he is on steroids! Do any of you really think he is not? You don’t make the drastic changes he has made by just working out and drinking whey protein shakes.

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