Funny video on how to pick up girls at the gym ohh and a faceplant!


funny video Yes, well let’s have some fun today and smile a little. Taking a break from your workout and diet is good once in a while and you always have to rest for best workout results even if you’re using steroids.

People always have problems when it comes to the how to pick up girls part and if it’s about the girls at the gym, well you should approach them with more than big muscles! You should have  a proper form when doing a good clean and jerk, yep that’s right, today’s funny video is about how to pick up girls at the gym, but in a different way than what you thought it would be:

This funny guy seems to have his personal home gym and he’s on his way to get a bodybuilder body with his strength training like the clean and jerk. Well he really showed us how to pick up girls and the funny youtube video really had positive impact because everyone liked it and it resembled to a funny revenge for when he was rejected by the girls at the gym.

Since he started mocking Ronnie Coleman with the “yeah buddy light weight baby” saying, i knew that it will turn out to be a funny video which will kind of mock the girls you see at the gym 😀 .

The best part about this funny video on how to pick up girls, is when the funny guy simply throws the girl who was used in the clean and jerk demonstration, back on the ground and yes, she got her very own faceplant :D!

He’s happy like he just won a powerlifting competition and he does his victory dance but check out the girl’s face when she gets up, she’s like: “That was intense”

This funny video with the how to pick up girls even reminded me of the overly manly man from the 9gag memes and it made me laugh even more :). Well now, who said that going to the gym isn’t fun? If you’re lucky, you can get a chance to see something hilarious like a wrestling body slam with a girl!

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