Kid Cudi – King Wizard


Kid Cudi – King Wizard

Songs for workout are my best option when i need to push my limits at the gym and since Kid Cudi started making workout music like he used to in the past, well let’s say that i’m more buffed and i’m much more focused on my journey to have a bodybuilder body, yes, without steroids!

When you’re listening to a workout song it’s like you’re listening to a motivational song because it keeps you motivated and everybody needs that if they want to get their best workout results.

I don’t know why i like King Wizard so much, it’s an obscure song and still, it gives me the mood to keep a healthy workout and diet so nevermind me, you just have to get big muscles, listen to workout songs from Kid Cudi and stay clean!

If you have wrist problems from those intensive training sessions, try to buy some wrist wraps and if you’re in the money, some supplements wouldn’t hurt! Kid Cudi’s lyric seems to demand something: My head hurt, gotta give me something that’ll make me feel good! Well drag your lazy ass to the gym and that’ll be something which will make you feel good !

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