Kim Kold’s acting career: New “Teddy Bear” movie for the old Dennis


teddy bear movie

Someone who viewed my blog article about Kim Kold’s Dennis movie, left me a comment about Kim Kold’s newest 2012 movie called Teddy Bear. The Dennis movie was a short film with a twisted but credible life of a bodybuilder who lives with his overly attached mother, a woman who’s living in the past.

Kim Kold is quite a good actor and he could have an interesting acting career because, for a danish bodybuilder, he’s very good at speaking english.

Well here’s a trailer for the Teddy Bear movie which has Kim Kold in the main role:

As you can see from the Teddy Bear movie trailer, Kim Kold played the same role with Dennis’s sad life but in this new movie, he’s got the power of lying to his mother and trying to get himself a wife because he never had a girlfriend in his whole life, only muscles.

teddy bear

He’s determined to find true love by going to Thailand, to be more exactly in Pattaya. Our teddy bear with muscles did this after seeing that his uncle got married with a girl from there so the plot for the new Dennis approach in the Teddy Bear movie is a little different but at least you’ll see a full movie which has 92 minutes rather than those 18 minutes ¬†for the old short film.

dennis bodybuilder movie

It makes you feel so bad when you’re seeing a bodybuilder who’s sleeping with his mother and that strict or excessive parenting is not a great way to raise kids with. Even if his mother helps him by cooking and keeping his bodybuilder body in tip top shape, that’s not a life you should live! Muscle gaining should never ruin your life, big muscles should help you achieve everything just like Arnold Schwarzenegger did!

When you’ll watch the 2012 Teddy Bear movie, you’ll see that even you will want more for Dennis, it’s like a motivational video; He has to be that bodybuilder who gets away from his sad life and finds true love!

teddy bear movie

teddy bear movie

kim kold dennis at the gym

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