Learn how to deadlift from the experts! Best video example on how to gain strength


how to deadliftIf you’re one of those guys who focus on strength training or if you just want to build muscles, then you should try some deadlifts. Training sessions for advanced bodybuilders should always include deadlifts but first of all, they have to know how to deadlift correctly because the risk of getting a nasty back injury from deadlifts is big.

Your muscle gaining journey to get a bodybuilder body should start with you reading this article on deadlifts!

It’s crucial for you to know how to deadlift because deadlifts do wonders when you need to build big muscles in your lower back especially or huge strength but first of all you have to know what a deadlift really is.

What is a deadlift? How can it build muscles?

According to Wikipedia, deadlifts are a weight training exercise where you load a barbell and lift it off the ground from a stabilized and bent over position. It is one of the three most used powerlifting exercises, along with the squat and bench press because it targets major muscle groups from the upper body.

Now it’s time to learn how to deadlift correctly if you want to prevent lower back pain!

  1. Stand with the barbell above the center of your feet – the distance between your feet should be a bit more narrow than shoulder width to give your arms room for a complete deadlift motion.
  2. Grab the bar overhand and keep your arms vertical to the floor – Don’t worry, i’ve already prepared a video tutorial on how to deadlift with proper form 😀 .
  3. Bend through your knees until the barbell touches your shins but the barbell must remain above the middle of your feet (see step 1). Also keep your shoulder blades directly over the bar or even slightly behind it if you want to build muscles without injuries.
  4. Lift your chest but don’t squeeze your shoulders like when you’re doing squats.
  5. When you’re pulling and doing the barbell deadlift – keep the barbell close to your body, roll it over your knees and thighs until your hips and knees are locked. Do not lean back at the top to avoid potential injuries.

video tutorial

Best video example on how to deadlift with proper form

After watching this video example that shows you the proper form for deadlifts, you should try it at your local gym, but with smaller weights attached to your barbell. Mark Rippetoe does a great job in explaining the basic principle of deadlifts so, now you’re prepared to do deadlifts and grow big muscles!

If you’re curious to see which muscles are involved in deadlifts then here is a photo gallery with an animated guy who has a bodybuilder body. He’s performing a deadlift!

muscles involved in deadlifts

how to deadlift

how to deadlift video tutorial

 If you need some deadlift tips then read the full article. I know, you found out how to deadlift and you’ve even saw the video tutorial which explains the deadlift technique but in order to have big muscles you have to do tons of research when it comes to your training sessions at the gym. Don’t rely on just a simple workout and diet!

 When it comes to the barbell grip when doing deadlifts, you should know that there are two usual grips:

  •  pronated (overhand)
  • supinated (underhand)

You can try doing both of them even if you already know how to deadlift but it depends on forearm strength. Some bodybuilders who already possess big muscles are saying that in overhand barbell grip, the barbell can potentially roll about so you can choose any grip when you want to build muscles by doing deadlifts.

Don’t know when to deadlift? Here is your answer!

Deadlifts can be mixed in your legs day thus making it a leg and lower back day because deadlifts are more of a back exercise. If you don’t want to combine leg day with deadlifts, try not to do deadlifts after heavy squatting!

Most bodybuilders with big muscles include deadlifts in their workout once a week! That should be enough because even if you know how to deadlift, the lower back soreness will persist a few days after doing deadlifts.



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