Amanda Latona’s shredded diet results are hot!


Some people don’t like girls who have a bodybuilder body and that’s why Amanda Latona keeps herself in the fitness area and she really is a hot female fitness model.

If you don’t believe me, then just take a look at Amanda’s placing in some fitness competitions:

  • IFBB Pro – 14 time Champion with the recent 2012 IFBB Sacramento pro competition!
  • Winner of the 2009 Flex Bikini Model Search

So, Amanda Latona doesn’t have big muscles but she is shredded and her ripped abs are really emerging through that very low body fat of hers. Miss Latona can make us men desire a female fitness model just like her when she does that sexy pose; If that isn’t enough, she gets some help from that short white tank top and white bikinis. Being a fitness cover model and also a certified personal trainer, Amanda can use that in her advantage because she can sell her workout and diet very easy – a lot of women out there would buy it!

amanda in white bikini

Guys, you can boost your training sessions with the thought that you’ll get a girlfriend which looks like Amanda Latona but it’s better to focus on workout results and diet results just for your own personal accomplishment.

Amanda’s great legs are the product of intense squatting and a lot more leg exercises that just worked for her in a good way; Keep it going Amanda and let us see even more fitness titles won!

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