Buying clothes for a bodybuilder seems to be a hassle! At least Markus Ruhl has fun shopping


markus ruhl funny videoBeing a bodybuilder can be a problem when you need to find clothes that fit you. Some people will tell you that muscle gaining is good but not in excess and it seems that for practical reasons, they’re right 😀 .

The hardest challenge for bodybuilders isn’t the part with how to use steroids and steroid side effects! The tricky part is to know where to find clothes that don’t hide your workout and diet results but clothes that have to be comfortable and easy to wear too!

You can say bye bye to skinny jeans if you have a bodybuilder body with big legs and for some guys who are gifted with big thighs, hamstrings and glutes, buying loose fit jeans can be a problem too and here are 2 main reasons:

  • It could look like you have chicken legs or they won’t fit you just like in the funny video with Markus Ruhl when he’s trying to buy clothes.
  • You’ll have to get 2 waist sizes bigger pants than normal just to pull them up your beefy legs and it’s just frustrating.

It seems that Levis “Carpenter” jeans or Gasp “Attitude” jeans are the only type of jeans that can ignore the previous statement. If you don’t mind wearing rapper clothes, you can try buying some baggy jeans from Sean John, Ecko or Phat Farm.

For other types of clothes, Abercrombie and Fitch can also be a solution for most of the guys who have problems with bodybuilder clothing.

If you don’t believe me when i’m talking about the real pain in the ass when you need to buy clothes that’ll fit your muscles, then you have to see this funny video with Markus Ruhl shopping for clothes at C&A!

By the way, if you have huge legs, you should avoid wearing pants which are not made out of cotton. Nylons and other synthetic garments can keep a lot of heat around the thigh area and you can form some ugly blisters or your skin will get rubbed excessively thus forming skin chafing.

If you have problems when buying clothes you just need to think in a smart way, for example, when you need to buy a T-shirt;

If it tends to be too tight on your arm muscles when you’re trying the medium size and if a large one starts flapping around your waist, then the best solution could be to look for a medium size T-shirt but with slightly stretchy material;

Another solution for you is to get yourself a personal tailor but this is too costly, it will add a lot of money to the original item’s price.

When it comes to shirts for those guys from the gym with big muscles, they can try Ralph Lauren’s “custom fit” shirts that they sell in lots of stores and malls. Most of the regular dress shirts tend to tent out at the bottom because if you have a big neck, then the designers think that you also have a big waist, everybody thinks that americans are fat – Well they aren’t! I mean not all of them 😀 !.

A good custom made shirt site seems to be Best Custom Shirt

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