Example of a typical bodybuilder diet! Kai Greene’s diet makes him eat food worth of 90 dollars for just one meal!


kai greene diet is expensiveA lot of beginners at the gym say that it’s hard for them to start eating lots of food and that’s the first drawback in bodybuilding motivation for maintaining a proper workout and diet. To get the best workout results you also have to eat and eat a lot!

Yes, a lot of wannabe bodybuilders out there start a 4.000 calorie beginner bodybuilder diet to gain muscle mass but not all calories are good for muscle gaining. It’s a huge difference between those guys who eat 4.000 calories worth of donuts and french fries and the ones who eat 4.000 calories worth of steaks, chicken breasts and baked potatoes which are also more expensive than junk food. Bodybuilding is an expensive but also, a very satisfying sport!

So, our today’s video example on how a bodybuilder diet should look like when it comes to professional bodybuilding, is being shown by Kai Greene in the next video with him at a local diner!

Youtube video with Kai Greene eating food worth of 90 dollars in just one meal!


When he gets to eat it’s all good and Kai Greene’s favorite food related things seem to be baked potatoes and italian dressing! Kai would eat that italian dressing even if it was on a pregnant woman’s toe.

Don’t believe me? Well take a look at the Kai Greene video and you’ll see for yourself how a real bodybuilder diet should look like!

Professional bodybuilders like Kai Greene pay a lot of attention to everything they eat even if it doesn’t look like it; They know everything about a proper bodybuilder diet and they also spend a lot of money on food.

So, those huge bodybuilders that you see on TV, people like Kai Greene, really have to keep in mind the calorie intake but a huge calorie intake, not like those beginner bodybuilders who have to eat less in order to get a ripped physique.

You won’t get big muscles if you don’t take your diet seriously!

Anyway, those professional bodybuilders, even if they eat a lot just like Kai Greene, don’t have problems with their body fat because they use steroids and as you all know, some steroids have body fat shredding results!

Muscle mass is hard to sustain without proper food even if you have intense training sessions¬†and you just have to take a look at Kai Greene’s restaurant check worth of almost 100 dollars to understand what talking about:

  • 1 sirloin steak
  • 2 portions of balsamic chicken
  • 3 pieces of garlic bread
  • 1 T-bone steak
  • 4 large juice
  • 2 coffee
  • 1 large orange juice

Kai didn’t pigged out though.. believe me, that huge bodybuilder meal is a must for those big muscles that the almost Mr. Olympia winner has! And just take a look at Kai Greene’s arm workout Kai Greene Video Arm Workout for Huge Arm Muscles; Doesn’t it make sense that you need such a bodybuilder diet when you’re that big and ¬†hardcore ? I’ve always put a lot of emphasis on that precious workout and also diet because your workout is nothing without a proper bodybuilder diet which can help you build a bodybuilder body which you dream of!

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