Female to male transformation due to steroid abuse! Shocking photos


female to male bodybuilding transformationCandice Armstrong (get it? arm strong?? :D) was a cute barmaid but when she decided to go to the gym, everything changed for her or him because she went from female to male after using steroids!

It seems that she wanted to know how to build muscle fast and someone gave her an answer but that was kind of a bad suggestion for Candice because now, after using steroids, besides her big muscles, she also got a male bodybuilder body and every man avoids her so bye bye relationships!

Because the female to male transformation was so obvious due to the use of steroids, people started calling her a pervert for wearing woman’s clothes, yes that’s right, now she has to dress like a man!

It’s sad that she went from female to male but it’s kind of her fault, why the steroid abuse in the first place? She became obsessed with those impressive muscle gaining results which you get with the help of steroids. The thing is that when you use steroids which are basically male hormones (testosterone and etc.) , you’ll get a lot of androgenic effects and it seems that with her steroid abuse, Candice Armstrong got to look like an overgrown man.

Be careful guys, if you use steroids too, sometimes you can get other steroid side effects like gynecomastia or bitch tits! These changes occur when excess testosterone converts into estrogens.

Remember Chris Tina Bruce’s different kind of bodybuilding transformation ?

Once there was a bodybuilder who went through a male to female transformation; His name was Christopher Bruce and he doesn’t like men, he just feels better being a female bodybuilder. Here is the article link with Male to female bodybuilder Chris Tina Bruce.It seems that this world is filled with lots of extraordinary changes which occur in the bodybuilding area..

Candice Armstrong’s female to male transformation took 2 years and those years were filled with steroid abuse!

steroid abuseCandice first started taking seductive pole dancing lessons and then she joined a gym to ­improve her shape and build muscles.

I ­started taking steroids because I hated my body but this has made ­it a thousand times worse. Now I look like a man and I hate it. Even my own mother has told me that I’m not pretty any more.

I stopped having any sort of sex drive for men. I tried having sex with a girl but that didn’t do anything for me either. So it’s not like it has turned me into a lesbian.

Candice Armstrong spent more than 1.000 pounds on ­steroids like Trenbolone and she eats six meals a day, the equivalent of 5.000 calories. That’s how she transformed herself from female to male.

I was starting to grow facial hair, belly hair, my voice got deeper and i had to mask all of these side effects; My ­periods stopped too.

Seeing the steroid side effects, would you give up a perfectly normal life for a deformed body and big arm muscles?

Our transformed female to male bodybuilder Candice Armstrong should’ve tried one of those simple workouts for women and if she combined it with a good diet, she would’ve been a stunning fitness model even without taking steroids.

steroid abuse

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