Iron Maiden – Fear of the Dark


Iron Maiden – Fear of the Dark

Iron Maiden is a classic when it comes to songs for workout and workout music hase never been this good!

I’ve been going hardcore in the gym for the last 3 weeks and when i say hardcore, i’m thinking of squats til your spotter has to lift you and deadlifts like i never did before!

Besides the strength training, i also tried a new low carb diet which seems to work pretty well for my body and with a whey protein, my muscles are getting bigger and bigger; I’ve doubled my training duration and shortened the rest between sets so i’m on a fat burning streak!

No more cardio for me though.. My heart is pumping a lot more quicker than in the past and everything seems smooth in my workout and diet.

Keeping yourself constantly motivated and pumped up with testosterone is quite hard but when you listen to songs like this one, everything seems to improve including those training sessions which you love!

The best thing that happened to me is to find a new spotter with whom i train like an animal and now i love leg day, i’ve even made 2 leg days per week! Train like a beast and make sure that you have good workout songs!

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