Rare video with Lee Priest – Young bodybuilder when he was 16 years old


Rare and old video with Lee Priest when he was young 16 years oldLee Andrew Priest McCutcheon or just Lee Priest, was born on 6 July 1972 in Newcastle, Australia and today he’s one of the strongest and shortest bodybuilders out there. He got a huge bodybuilder body since he was young and that’s why i’ll show you a very old video with him when he was 16 years old; It means that the video was shot in 1988.

After years of constantly working out and dieting, our short Lee Priest got these incredible stats:

  • Lee Priest’s Height: 5’4″ or 1,63m
  • Broadcast: 33″ at his best or 84 cm
  • Off Season Weight: 235 – 285 lbs. or 107 – 129 kg
  • Competition Weight: 196 – 205 lbs. or 89 – 93 kg
  • Arm Muscles: 22 inches or 56 cm

Are you done with the Lee Priest stats? Ok, now it’s time for that rare and old video with Lee Priest when he was 16 years old on youtube and that kid had some big muscles to show us:

I found out some things about Lee Priest’s steroid usage and it looks like he knew a thing or two about steroids, anyway, in this video, Lee Priest shows:

  • his big arm muscles while training biceps with barbell curls
  • he gives an example of strength training by doing some half squats with heavy weights on the bar
  • a true competition bodybuilder pose followed by a wink for the ladies

What?? Short bodybuilders like women too even if it’s harder for them to do crazy stunts in the bed 😀 .

After watching this rare video with Lee Priest young, don’t you think about the steroids that he used? I do and i’ve got the proof that Lee Priest used steroids. In a future article, i’ll write about his steroid usage, it will be pretty soon 😀 so stay tuned!

Being short and all, our young bodybuilder from the youtube video, Lee Priest, had an advantage over tall bodybuilders because the muscles packed on his small frame seem bigger even if a tall bodybuilder has the same muscle density and weight.

Of course that, in order to get such a bodybuilder body with big muscles like Lee Priest had when he was 16 years old, you have to maintain a proper workout and diet and that diet should be a bodybuilder diet with lots of calories which come from healthy, high protein food.

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