We get it, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s son is into weight training! Patrick going shirtless everywhere!


patrick schwarzenegger

Is Patrick pursuing a career in bodybuilding like his old man? I don’t think so because he’s far from that bodybuilder body which Arnold, his father, had.

Anyway, it’s good to see how Patrick Schwarzenegger is kind of interested when it comes to his workout and diet; He’s got something to show off with and the ladies seem to like his chiseled physique with almost ripped abs and outlined chest. You can see that from the next video with Patrick Schwarzenegger shirtless at the beach. He also seems to have quit big arm muscles due to his training sessions :D.

Patrick Arnold Shriver Schwarzenegger was born in September 18, 1993 and now he’s 19 years old, what an age!! This is the time when you must look good because you don’t want to end up being a geek with no friends, yes, the world is superficial and cruel with those guys that aren’t the fittest and best looking but his father was Arnie, the Mr. Olympia!

It seems that Patrick enjoys doing a little bit of calisthenics on the bars besides the gym workout and that’s also a good thing because he’ll get strong with those strength training exercises, just like his father. For those almost v-shaped abs of his, he has to follow a diet plan and as proof, he was constantly seen eating pretty healthy food for a teenager and buying blended fruit drinks instead of sodas 😀 !

Patrick Schwarzenegger is a male model and big muscles aren’t so common in that line of business; Ralph Lauren or Armani don’t need bodybuilders to model for them :D.

Here are some photos with the offspring of Mr. Universe and also Mr. Olympia, Patrick Schwarzenegger doing some weight training related exercises like chin ups and push ups but he also did a little bit of cardio, yes, the good old jogging!

arnold schwarzenegger's son

patrick schwarzenegger workout for abs

patrick schwarzenegger shirtless

patrick training

patrick shirtless

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