Bodybuilding motivational video – train like Lazar Angelov for the perfect body


motivational videoNeed some bodybuilding motivation? Just take a look at what a workout and diet did to Lazar Angelov. Our bulgarian personal trainer has huge arm muscles, a bulging chest, awesome six pack abs, huge shoulders, big back muscles and traps like Tom Hardy in Warrior – His workout and diet rocks.

And I really can’t say nothing about Lazar Angelov’s legs; It seems that his calves aren’t so big but his thighs and hamstrings seem to be huge. Anyway, in order to get such a perfect body like Lazar Angelov did, you have to stay motivated and that’s why you should constantly look for bodybuilding motivation like today’s motivational video.

When you need to pack your frame with serious muscle mass, bodyweight exercises can’t help you with nothing! In order to get a bodybuilder body, you have to train just like Lazar Angelov does in this motivational video!

If you’re wondering, Lazar Angelov’s height is 6’0 or 1.83 m and he was born in 1984.

In the previous motivational video you could see Lazar doing different exercises in a hardcore manner:

  • arm exercises for huge arm muscles and it seems that he likes doing one armed cable curls
  • seated cable rows for his back muscles
  • hanging leg raises for his six pack abs
  • lots of jogging because you always need cardio

Remember the fact that you must train with passion if you want to grow big muscles! When you hit a plateau try different weight lifting routines and continue your journey for muscle gaining without steroids, you only need some proper bodybuilding motivation; It will be harder without steroids but who cares, you’ll probably appreciate your body more after you get to look like Lazar Angelov :D.

Increase the duration of your training sessions without overtraining and get big muscles! If you want to see more from the bodybuilding motivation area, then try these articles:


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